Update The Obama Acceptance Dress: I can see Why She Bought it

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After reading this link,  I’ve discovered why Michelle Obama chose the Gate From Hell Dress:

Gate of Hell Dress

Gate of Hell Dress

Modifications Matter

Modifications Matter

Judging by the white dress in the first picture that’s leaving the runway in back of the runway model’s version of the Obama dress Narcisso designs for skin and body accenturer.  If you want to wear a Narcisso dress you have to be willing to literally let it all hang out.  Unfortunately Michelle Obama though willing to let her husband be a maverick and run for president was not willing to be a Maverick and wear the dress as designed.  This unwillingness not only made her a fashion horror but terribly compromised the designer.  I think what should be pointed out based on a higher resolution picture (the second picture) is that the dress Michelle Obama is wearing is not the runway models version, she is not wearing the dress as it was intended to be designed.  It’s not even a knock off of the dress, it’s a totally different dress.

First of off the dresss to the right is a little black dress with red accents. In my opinion the intent of the designer was to make the dress accentuate the positive charms of the wearer and not be just a cover up.   When I actually look at the dress, I’m thinking the designer is thinking about a Latino with silky thick luxurious long black hair with a curvaceous figure.  I’m not seeing Vogue I’m seeing playboy.  This is a very difficult dress to pull off as is , let alone modified.

First of all the dress has cleavage, the designer of the dress wants to see cleavage, whatever the flaws of the dress too many people will be busy looking down the wearers dress than concerned  with the design, especially if it’s wrapped around a playboy Latino’s body.

The designer has gone through pains to minimize the red.  The black portions of the bottom of the dress almost meet up with the red and then their are pipings of black that meet a small section of red.  Juxtaposed, Michelle Obama has basically a red dress on.   The black at the bottom of the dress stops way too early and should almost meet the sash at her waist with a tiny amount of red showing.

At the top the designer has a very minimal amount of red ,with black satin at the cleavage, and red and black fabric like a bra where a woman’s breasts should be. Finally the dress should end with straps. Obama has totally annihilated the cleavage and given the dress a strong helping of red with a tiny amount of black collar.  The critics argue that Mrs. Obama has covered up the straps.  There is no way this dress has straps.  It has a collar.

Finally the bottom of the dress is sheer accenting the theme that the dress is accenting the wearers female attributes rather than being just a dress.  In essence legs and cleavage are on display and it’s an invitation, however since Obama was unwilling to go with the spirit of the dress, she’s left with a horrific dress of mostly red and some black.

  1. She’s wearing a dress by Narcisso. Does anyone see the irony in this? Anyway, it is hideous.

  2. Her dress looked like a black widow spider, not the dress the designer created. and surely not the next first lady fashion icon…..she looks great in some of her choices, this was not a good choice?
    The kids looked beautiful…..

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