Could Google Be Participating in Censorship?

In politics, Technology on November 15, 2008 at 7:20 am

I’ve done a blog search of my blog with parenthesis “”.  None of the abortion posts come up.  Google is censoring anti Obama posts unless it deals with Obama’s wifes dress.  Is this scary or what?

According to reuters:

Obama’s list of technology gurus includes former IAC/InterActive executive Julius Genachowski, Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Google head of global development initiatives Sonal Shah. Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig, a vocal advocate of radically reduced copyright restrictions, served as a technology adviser to Obama’s primary campaign but hasn’t held an advisory role since.

I think the fact that the Google CEO is up for a role in the new Obama administration probably explains why the fact that Obama supports ninth month abortion in my blog is not being indexed by google.
Finally, when a president looks to putting the Kings of technology in charge of governmental affairs, we should be afraid.  Technology holds so much of our secrets our private emails, our chats, our work documents etc. and google has made a play for all of our information.  Google even puts our houses on the internet for anyone to look up and see though google maps.  I suppose the big brother commercial featuring Hillary Clinton got it all wrong, it was Big Brother Barack not Sister Clinton.

There is one thing that’s true if the stock market gets wind that google is invading the privacy of regualr citizens and selectively indexing.  There stock will not be as valuable.


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