Hmm Has anyone heard of the Name Paul Krugman for Treasury Secretary! We’d accept Sheila Beir though! (Draft But Important Enough to Publish)

In politics on November 8, 2008 at 9:04 am

“The fact is that most senior officials have no idea what they are talking about: discussion at high-level meetings is startlingly primitive. . . Furthermore, many powerful people prefer to take advice from those who make them feel comfortable rather than from those who will force them to think hard. That is, those who really manage to influence policy are usually the best courtiers, not the best analysts. I like to think that I am a good analyst, but I am certainly a very bad courtier.”  Paul Krugman

When I was a younger woman Paul Krugman predicted how the economic world would look several years later his predictions panned out.  If his predictions continue to hold.  The United States is going to have a dramatic shift in wealth in the next few years and the world economic players are going to shed nation states for an International playing field.  Where is the money going?  I keep telling everyone it’s going to Dubai, China, and other places.  The “money” “the wealth” is going away in the United States.  The world could possibly see alliances based on class and wealth and not nation states.

e=mc2 Nothing is ever created or destroyed.

The big question for this millennium is: where is the wealth?  It has to be somewhere. It appears to be gone; but by the law of e=mc2.  It has to still be somewhere.   While Krugman may not be able to point us to the wealth, his forward thinking and knowledge will navigate us through this transfer of wealth so that Obama’s casual voters will prevail and have a brighter future. This year the world recognized Krugmans brilliance with a Nobel Prize.

I think the word that everyone has been using to describe Barack Obama is smart, we assumed that he would put the best and the brightest in. However so far it’s looking like a Chicago Spoils and a Smooze party. The spoils are thank you for being loyal and the smooze is looking towards the richest instead of the smartest. In the case of the treasury secretary, President Obama I think you should smooze to the smart side and make Krugman the secretary of Treasury if he will take it.   Mr. Obama this is no joke. We don’t want to be like Chicago, Illinois and have things stay the same. Personally I think your next challenge is to become a billionaire or close to it, please do not use the American people to do this.   You won on a platform of change and we want to see change. I think you began by making a former Clinton staffer your Chief of Staff, while that was great I think you need to recognize that this is 2008 and not 1992 and the playing field has changed partially due to the Clinton’s insight.  However what worked then does not work now.

I am going to have to take a clue from my young cousins and Holler 2008, 2009 as they demanded current music to be played at our family reunion.the American people need fresh ideas and people.

Mr. Obama just like your Fresh and young electorate, we need fresh ideas for 2008, infinity and beyond.

President Obama the beauty of the Clinton Administration was that they literally took the best minds in the United States at the time and gave them key appointments and the economy was able to thrive.  The White House is not a Palace and you are not a King.  You are a servant of the American people and you ran on that premise.  Many times as I watched the election, I often thought that no MCcain is not Bush two you are.  If you are truly committed to the “casual voters” that got you elected Paul Krugman will be your Treasury Secretary and you will  look at resumes and not social connections.  The media is reporting that you have the whole Kennedy family cued up for appointments.  This will serve President Obama and not the American people.  As the United States faces an uncertain future this citizen is urging the President Obama and the Obama transition team to choose the Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman as the Treasury Secretary.

The following is a link referencing articles written in the last month about Krugman:



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