Barack Obama’s Administration’s top Contender for Treasury Secretary Continues on with the thread of Sexism of the Obama Campaign

In politics on November 8, 2008 at 8:14 pm

I have a friend who used to go around quoting Ravi Batra.  It was a mantra. Every conversation was injected with his economic theories and beliefs.  I was so inundated with talk of Batra.  I finally read the book my friend let me borrow.  I liked this book because every idea was fresh and it was full of theories I had never been exposed to. Batra talked about economic cycles and the types of groups that would control the cycle.  Some economic cycles were controlled by what he termed aquisitors, people from the business cycle, and others were controlled by other types of groups it’s been a long time so I don’t exactly remember all the groups.   However there was one theory about a particular group that made me catch my breath in shock and think “say it isn’t so”.   This was the theory that when economic cycles are controlled by intellectuals sexism and discrimination rises and the life chances of women are more challenging.  I had not given this theory much of a thought until I observed how the Obama campaign and now administration in waiting has treated women.  I would use the term short.  The Obamites treat women short.  They make a crazy comment and then act like its no big deal.  However it is.

Obama’s embrace of various characters who have been mean and rude and put women down is actually quite disappointing.  For a man who’s awfully committed to abortion rights even saying that if a baby lives during a third term abortion to seek medical care for a child born alive that you can touch, feel, has all of his toes, and fingers, etc. would interfere with a woman’s right to choose.  He has shown a lack of indifference for men who say nasty things about women.  His associates and his choices indicate that his passion for abortion is not particularly for women but for men who don’t want babies.  While I love his family and think they are beautiful, his passionate support of abortions always makes me question how many babies did he abort to get to this family ten, twenty, thirty, one hundred.  His passionate support of abortion at any costs casts his beautiful family into the farce category for me.  In other words the one area where Obama says he supports women seems to be awfully self serving.

The areas where Obama could have made a significant impact and difference in the lives of women in doing something symbolic and life changing for women such as choosing Hillary Clinton for the VP slot was not done and by not choosing Hillary Clinton he showed a remarkable callousness towards the feelings of women.  While some would argue that they had a rather nasty primary fight, if the goal is to be as successful as the Clinton Administration who were rumored to have despised Al Gore but chose him anyway because they thought he would help them win the presidency then Obama is not headed in the direction of compromise for the good of the contry.  Even though Obama did win the election the choice for VP of a man who dropped out of the election first show’s a startling unwillingness to do what’s best for the country, but to do what’s best for his ego.  In other words the woman Hillary Clinton was the best qualified for the slot but Obama chose Biden who dropped out of the race early for his ego.   Not only did he choose Biden a man who stroked his ego for VP.  He chose Biden a man who had shown a remarkable animus towards women.  [see my blog entry on Biden, I remeber how he treated Anita Hill].

As I read about possible Treasury Secretary candidates, I was a little taken aback to see that Larry Summers was leading the list considering that he said  “women were not genetically equipped to excel in Science and Mathematics. I was not particularity surprised that Obama would put this man as a major adviser on his campaign with his views towards women because I had given up on Obama after seeing the Palin wink commercial.

A commercial that I equated to the equivalent of a Willie Horten ad.  Willie Horten was a criminal that the republicans used in an election to scare people into voting for George W. Bush in 1988.

Willie Horton Ad

After seeing the Palin ad, a Horten ad with different names and different circumstances. An ad that was directed to a woman with five children and was the leader of a state.   I was pretty convinced that Obama and his administration will not be woman friendly so hearing the news that Summer’s a top Obama adviser  thought women were not genetically disposed to math and science was not surprising.

As I began to think about Summers I remembered also that he was also that guy who could not get along with the Harvard University Faculty and had to resign as President of Harvard.  I felt a strong sense of deja-vu as I read this and thought about one person I read about who kept being shuttled from the presidency of one company to another and being let go with a multi million dollar parachute.  This analogy fits Summers.  When you hang around with people from a certain group they are going to keep giving you high level positions whether you are emotionally equipped for them or not.

It is ironic that the first “Black” President of the United States is a sexist.

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