Beyonce Knocks Janet out of the #1 Slot of All Time Best R&B & Pop Musician

In beyonce, entertainment on November 5, 2008 at 5:33 pm

Beyonce has released two songs and videos that I will be listening to and watching for years to come. It’s taken a long time for someone to replace Janet in my mind and I know Beyonce is not new but these two new songs might put Janet in my mind to the position of number two as The Best Female R&B Pop Star in my mind and Beyonce as #1 The Queen!

All The Single Ladies

If you like it then put a ring on it.  Beyonce is giving lessons in this video on how to make him like it.  With this video a girl Does not have to wonder what she needs to do to keep her man from awandering, a must hear but definitely a must see!  See Below as long as it’s on You Tube!  Girls Look and Learn and don’t forget!  A Free Lesson courtesy of Beyonce!

“If I Were A BOY”

I had to watch this video twice to get it.  Lesson kind of gotten but she is just lot hotter than her man, and the man that plays opposite of her when she’s a boy for a day is just a lot hotter than the woman cop her man is riding with.  You decide:

*The Video links will work as long as you tube allows them to.


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