“I Wondered Why they Didn’t Call Back” “Getting Butt F*&%$D by the University You Graduated From

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Let me start from the from the beginning like a writer that hopes to get paid for writing would.

I graduated from University X in the year 2000 married and pregnant.  How could they forget me?  I know if anyone tries to take my degree from me, and I’m to the point where I think people will try to do these things.  No one will forget the big fat pregnant women who walked across the aisle and received a degree in Political Science.

But obviously my university forgets to attenuate their databases and keep the name change that I submitted.  If you are tempted to say maybe I’m lying or maybe I didn’t change my name which the women in the registrars office implied.  On the same day I submitted my documents for a name change to the registrars office, I walked over to the Alumni office and changed my name too.  Guess what the Alumni office still has the information.

Why am I mad?

Do you know how many resumes I submitted?  Do you know how many interviews I had from just a resume only?  There were jobs that I just knew I was going to be hired for, like the job in D.C. because I was vibing with the interviewer we were alike one of a kind I know she’s going to hire me.  NO CALL BACK!

The Only Problem IS…………

I knew this was going to happen.  Based on my history I knew this was going to happen.   What is my history?  Well to beat a dead horse again and again.  I was suspended from a majority African American college for telling a parent your child will probably get a great job if he or she goes here but if you want them to learn some critical thing skills you might want to send them somewhere else. [  This does not apply to all black colleges, the most important thing is to look at the model they are following, if Booker T is their model they are into training you and it’s hard for them to teach you how to think critically they teach you how to kiss butt, if Dubois is their model you will come out being more of what you were before you went there and able to contribute to the world ]The Washington Post and Daily Press of Hampton Roads  covered the suspension as well as other newspapers.  The strange thing is whenever anything strange happens at the University like the confiscation of all student newspapers because they reported on rodents and roaches in the cafeteria of the University and their failure to pass a health inspection my name comes up in a newspaper article, or when a Time magazine editor left the school becuase of it’s atmosphere of oppression. My Virginia family and friends sent me an article from the Daily Press with my name in it, and my first thought was years and years later my name is still being mentioned.  I called the newspaper editor to ask them to stop using my name in articles related to oppression at the school.  In any event this has relevance to the University I graduated from.

I graduated from the second largest University in Georgia at the time that I did the majority of my coursework.  It boasted of having the largest chapter of student Republicans in the country.  When I went there I was appreciative of the courtesy the staff showed me in the business office and the registrars office, everything went smoothly.  I never had a problem.  At that time I did however have academic apprehensions.  I knew when I walked into a room and sat down that I could tell that a professor was going to give me a bad grade just by looking at me.  I learned to make the decision to stay or go based on my internal vibes, and in one case I called my father and asked him to send me the recruitment letter that I had gotten from the secret service because of my high test scores and I remember getting such a bad vibe from one professor I made a copy of the letter and accidentally slipped it in with my report to make sure he knew I may look dumb but I’m not.  If you want to know the type of dumb it is and how I am sometimes perceived, it’s the type of dumb perception that gets you into the secretarial pool versus the executive sales program.  It’s the type of dumb that I noticed when I worked in the financial industry all of the two female brokers would be in suits with breasts sizes no larger than a thirty-two and the secretarial pools requirement was 34. 36. and 38, as a temp I did observe the secretarial pool sporting egg like engagement rings and wedding bands so who’s to say that being perceived that you can only type  is bad.   In any event on one occasion I did believe the professor was treating me like I was dumb and submitted my secret service recruitment letter to ensure that I would not get such a bad grade.  In any event this was the atmosphere of the University I graduated from when I first got there.  It was an excellent business atmosphere with maybe slightly judgmental professors.

At the point I graduated, all of this had changed.  The way the university was physically run as it related to how people were treated had all changed.  The President had done just awesome things for infrastructure and grants and putting the university in a good place where you could be proud to say you went there but in the process of doing this we lost something.  We lost the courtesy and shall I say Southern charm and courtesy the University had once had.  When I took my marriage lic. to the registrars office and saw the person at the desk with the name of a black sorority that almost dominated the black college campus that I had had problems with and some man that was telling someone that he was in the Air Force.  I knew that they were not going to change my name.  Just like the creeps that I got when I knew a professor was going to try to give me a bad grade just by looking at me.  I knew they were going to mess up my records.

I suspected that they were going to mess me up badly.  I called for years to confirm that the name change was there.  It was.  I kept calling because I was sending out mad resumes and not getting any call backs.  I have to admit that my overall gpa was not high though my major gpa was a 3. something and my minor gpa was a 3.5 and I had an average in my psychology courses of a 3. something so I put this on my resume.  My major gpa was pretty different from my overall gpa because I almost did not graduate because of foreign language and my insistence on talking biology and failing those courses as well as one bad semester.

In any event because I was so creeped out by the people at the desk and I am always creeped out by people who wear gang signs in public places not related to their gang, and in Black Atlanta they wear their gang signs as everyday wear. .   I would call and say I want to see if you have me in the database and if you have me correctly.  They would say yes and confirm my name.  Eventually my fears were allayed and I stopped calling.  I suspected that the college was sending other people in my place to interview for the jobs I put in for but this was only a suspicion.  In any event because I could not find a job with my major I decided to take a hobby and get certified in that discipline I became a certified web developer.  Hold on wait a minute I still could not get a job.  I thought it was me, they did not like my designs, they thought I was a bad webs designer.  NOPE my college was now only verifying my maiden name.  I don’t go by my maiden name.  I go by my married name.  I would have never checked until…..

I went into my local bank and asked for a replacement card.  I have one of those little wallets and the wallet had bent every last one of my various cards.  I noticed on the wall a card for my college alumni association.  I went and signed my name to speak with a representative so I could order one.  I told the representative the card and looked at me like “you want that card” I said yes.  I never received it.  Finally I called customer service and they reordered it and I still did not get the card but this time a family member had taken it out of the mailbox and forgotten to give me my mail.  I went back to the bank to reorder the card and I was shocked to see they had taken the university signs down from the bank wall, maybe they had another promotion coming I don’t know.  The fact that they had taken the sign down made me feel rather strange.  I went in and spoke to the bank manager and reordered the card and the way she said that’s the one you want made me feel like she thought that I was trying to pretend that I was an alumnus. I realized that they had my social security number and all of my information and must have called to see if I was an alumni of the school.  I immediately thought back to who was in the office when I submitted my name change and thought they are not reporting that my name has changed or even they are not even reporting me as a college graduate.   I immediately called the school and tried to verify my information as my married name they did not verify it and I was floored all of the interviews and all of the resumes I had sent out and they had not even verified that I was a graduate.  At first I thought well it’s their word against mine and then I called the Alumni association because I had changed my name there at the same time and they had the information.   I finally realized what alumni associations are for and why they are separate from the university.  They are independent record keepers and no matter who’s in the registrars office they can’t take your degree or even your name.


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