The Murder of American Idol Jennifer Hudson’s Mother and Brother in Chicago Neighborhood Sheds Spotlight On Barack Obama’s Fatal Flaws of Ineffectiveness and Egoism

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Obama’s presidential candidacy at a time when the district he represents has a murder rate that surpasses LA and New York, and some high schools have a drop out rate of close to 57%.;  indicate that since Barack Obama has not made a move or been able to solve the ‘basic” problems of his state, he’s not equipped to solve the most challenging macro problems as President.  It indicates that the economic problems that the United States is experiencing will not be solved by Barack Obama.  It indicates that if Obama wins, that he will not be able to or willing to make significant change in the lives of American citizens.

It indicates that Obama is a professional politician whose aims are not to build up a series of policy wins that lead him to believe that he can solve the bigger problems of the nation;  but for Obama the qualifications for being president is that he won his Senatorial race.  It is my opinion that the logical path to follow when running for higher office is to tally up a series of policy wins and state what you’ve done and how that makes you qualified.  For example, Obama should be able to say the following:   “I reduced the dropout rate in Inner city Chicago, the murder rate is down and I am effective”.   He can not say any of this.  He has not solved a hard problem, his answer is to run for higher office.  I suppose his next not move will be to run for Al Gore’s spot.  Oops, he can’t run for Al Gores spot.  Al Gore did not run for his new office he actually observed a problem and brought world wide attention to it without having to run for anything.  As a regular citizen Al Gore created momentous change for a big big problem.  As a State representative and a Senator, Obama has done nothing to significantly change the lives of inner city Americans, or as a Senator suburban and rural Americans either.  He has done nothing.

The obvious question is, Why are you running for President and running on a platform of change if you can’t even make change in your own state.  It’s just ludicrous, and now that we see Obama has hooked up with Colin Powell it is probably highly questionable whether the lives of inner city residents will ever get better.  An obvious observation is that Barack Obama has been a Senator for three years and running for President for two, with the murder of Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother, a national spotlight has been shone on the state of Illinois which shows that instead of being a Senator and trying to solve problems related to his state he decided to take the egotistical and irresponsible move of running for the U.S. Presidency in a time when his city and state needed him the most. Whether he wins or loses it indicates to me that he does not have the judgment to lead and anything that comes out of his mouth are not the “just words” saying as he used when quoting from Lincoln and others but:

Just Words:  as in words uttered without meaning or any intention of carry through, or saying what you want people to hear in order to get them to do something for you.

To me after witnessing such a glaring spotlight on Obama’s Illinois through the murder of Jennifer Hudson’s relatives, not Lincoln’s Illinois, I am convinced that Obama is one of the biggest con-men or best politicians  in history.

  1. I love how everything at the moment is an excuse for people to talk about politics! Love it.

  2. Hello there!

    This is just so very sad.

    I hope that it is also a wake up call to black people to STOP coddling mentally ill relatives and shrugging off their behavior and threats with “he’s trippin” and “she’s trippin”.

    How many black folks will NOT even use the word “mentally ill” to describe the dangerous persons in their own families??

    Let this be a wake up call to stop mimimizing this pathology in our own families.

    I pray for the comfort and healing of this family.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  3. What a horrible way for me to be introduced to your blog (no thanks for this one, Google Alerts).

    How dare you use the murder of this woman’s family members to spew out venom against a politician or for that matter any public person! If you are: black, a hippie or even a chick – you should still have more sense than to stretch what passes for an opinion over Jennifer’s tragedy. Shame on you! I would say the same if your target were John McCain or Sarah Palin. This is in poor taste at best and yellow journalism at it’s worse. Righteous indignation has it’s place, but the operative word is righteous.

    Your blog brings to mind this piece from Macbeth: it is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  4. GriotLori,

    Hello I am not a journalist and I do not claim to be a journalist. I am an opinion writer. I do not claim to be factually correct at all times because what hits my head hits the keyboard. I however am appreciative to some readers who give all of us facts when they comment. A reader of this blog informed us that Sarah Palin was going to be the VP nominee in May. I think this gives my blog some Street Cred.

    As for Google alerts the title tells you what the blog is about in the first place if you did not want to read it you should not have clicked on the link. As for being an idiot. When I meet an idiot I do not bother to try to talk to or make comments to an idiot let alone quote Macbeth to an idiot because I realize that they honestly don’t understand what I’m talking about. “DO THE MATH”

    Finally, I really don’t think you object to the fact that I brought up the fact that Chicago was suffering from a crime wave. I think you object to the fact that Mr. Obama is associated with it and that his lack of action and ineffectiveness as a politician is highlighted by the murders of Hudson’s relatives which I know were committed by an obviously mentally ill relative. I did not bring up the crime statistics the article I linked to brought the crimes statistics up for Chicago and I linked Mr. Obama the former state representative of the area and current Senator for the area with the statistics. If he can’t help his own City and State how can he help the United States.

    I think what you don’t understand is I come from a black area in metro Atlanta, formerly Cynthia McKinney’s district , a black women you will see on the Presidential ticket, Cynthia has introduced bills dealing with human rights and they’ve passed, she’s fought big industries in Georgia to protect the little people of Georgia. I can not imagine having a representative from my state running for President of the United States who has done nothing as in “NADA”. I see change everyday in Georgia. I see my state local and National representatives actually changing things. I see them taking change seriously. I don’t see them spouting change I see them making changes. I don’t think this state would back someone from our state who had done absolutely positively nothing but be a mouthpiece. Trust me in the South you have to do something besides say you went to an Ivy League College to get ahead in the South. This is obviously the standard Mr. Obama has been and is held too.

    Personally I don’t see any insight here. I see a person who has had everything given to him. With Hillary Clinton I see a person who knows what it’s like to be an adult through her experiences with her husband and can relate to everyday people. I just don’t see any of this with Obama. I see Affirmative Action stamped across his forehead even if he gets elected. Only a fool would actually believe that his common sense qualifies him to be president. If all you need is common sense why is the murder rate so high in Chicago. If all you need is common sense why is the dropout rate in Chicago so high. He never tackled the big issues in his home state with his common sense. I personally think that if he wins he ‘s going to sit at the desk and look at the stapler. I once worked for a woman at an art gallery a black woman who pointed to a woman walking down the street and and said, she’s an attorney and she says that they don’t give her any work, all they want her to do is sit at the desk. Trust me if Obama is elected, looking at that stapler is going to be his best bet. Now who we want in the White House is a Thurgood Marshall he was not into watching the staple gun. He was a Civil Rights Attorney who actually argued before the Supreme Court, he was not the icing he was the icing and the cake.

  5. (Waste of time, but here goes…)

    My rant and my contention is still with your use of Jennifer’s family tragedy to take political pot shots, righteous or not, as if merely mentioning the murder wave in your city or Obama’s name would not have garnered your little piece of cyberspace enough clicks. Your retort is suspect as well – I clicked for more info on the situation, not to read through your diatribe. That, my sister (yes, I am a Black Chick; too young to have been a hippie, but old enough to have learned not to use another’s tragedy for personal gain) that is what prompted the Macbeth quote.

    For the record, this is still America and I am not naive to its history nor blind to its reality. However, some things are family discussions and not fodder for the sound-bite-hungry, viral monstrosity known as the blogasphere.

    Blog away in your cyber-kingdom though, my sister. I dare say you serve a purpose: Exhibit B (for Blog) – They Eat Their Own

    No more from me on this subject or this site.

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