You Know What Barack Obama said about Small Town Folk I wonder What He and Colin Powell Talked About

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As Barack Obama gussies himself up for small town America almost everyday, telling them how he’s the new Messiah to their problems and how much he loves them.  He hopes that they will forget that he said the following about small town America to a sophisticated, rich, liberal, well heeled crowd:

“it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations”

As we all know Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama this past Sunday.  Having been around conservative blacks and foreign blacks, I wonder what the conversation centered around.  As a native African American who’s ancesters actually particpated in the Civil Rights Movement, who has relatives who still live on the 40 acres and a mule land.  I would like to know what the butt kissing have my son appointed to head of the FCC under the Clinton Administration West Indian Colin Powell and Kenyan American Barack Obama discussed behind closed doors.  Please excuse me for my language but I will take my implied right as an African American to use the following word,  but I bet the conversation was about

American Niggers

Colin Powell reveals much about what the converation was about when he says the following,

” Should the mixed-race Obama win on November 4, “all Americans should be proud, not just African-Americans,” he added”

Some people may take this to mean that oh Powell is just talking about Obama’s American white mother and his Ghanian father, but for me this small statement indicates that there was a discussion, or a thought that neither Colin Powell nor Barack Obama are  descendants of American slaves who had the worst slave expereince of all slaves in  the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.  The discussion or thought may have been on Colin Powells Side I’m West Indian and I am nothing like those African Americans, and on Barack Obama’s side I don’t have any of that nigger or slave blood in me whatsoever my father was Kenyan, I’m pure African, there are no ties to those African Americans and I’m going to show them too.  We are going to bring about great change in their lazy chicken eating inferier lives.  I don’t know what’s wrong with African American blacks.  Huh Colin Powell says I’m West Indian and I beat those African Americans to Secretary of State.  I just don’t think they have the strength of will or the intelligence to even make it up there first.   The conversation ends with all of the various stereotypes of black people they aren’t hard working, they are stupid, etc, etc, etc,  

Colin Powell Endorses Barack Obama

Let’s see how many black people get nominated for black projects if Obama wins.  I predict the most oppressive “regime” ever will be under Barack Hussesin Obama for the powerless, black, Hispanic, Female, and the disenfranchised black and white.  We can just begin by the liberal media’s reaction to the RNC purchasing Sarah Palin clothes.  We used to be the most powerful country in the world and the leader of democracy which the international community looked at as an example.  The Republicans recognized their historical role and made sure their candidate was well dressed in the best clothing the United States had to offer not the mediocre or the worst but the best because the United States is suppossed to be the best no matter what it costs and the liberal media outlet cried out that this was wrong.  The practice of making sure a person is in their ceremonial best was frowned upon and scorned by the press, indicating to me any movement towards pulling people really out of their situations will be frowned upon.  Sure the poor will get food stamps, but programs aimed at giving the poor an equal shot as a banker, making poor women web designers, or sales professionals will just not be the way the democrats will want to go because they thrive on superiority, their mojo comes from the fact that they are better then this guy and that guy.   Obama used to talk about it all the time.  Michelle and I he would say are both Ivys, he said, and wouldn’t it be great if everyone could be one.  Unfortunately,  Michelle needs to go and take some how to pronounce the English language like I’m not from the South Side of Chicago classes. I have known women who were from the Ghettos of  the South Side of Chicago who’s parents still live there in tenements and they have learned to lose their south side accent relatively quickly like immediately, if seven years of Ivy league education can’t help one in the couple of the Obama’s lose their accent, maybe the Ivy’s are not cracked up to be what they are supposed to be.  I sure know Condi did not attend the Ivys, she did however study under the father of a former Secretary of State Madeline Albright and she makes me proud as an African American.  



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