Mrs. Sarah Palin Who are you Palling around with a. adulturers b. drug adddicts c. the beer queen d. all of the above!

In barack obama, John McCain, Moral Majority, politics, presidential race on October 20, 2008 at 7:52 am

Hey Sarah since we are talking about who people are hanging with,  let’s see who you’re palling around with. 

Oh Sarah You’re palling around with adulterers.  Everyone knows that prior to marrying Cindy McCain, John Mccain was married to another woman and he cheated on her terribly until finally he cheated on her with an attractive millionaire and decided to marry this one.  It is also rumored that John Mccain even after he married Cindy did not change his cheating ways, it is widely rumored that he exchanged political favors for sex with a young blonde woman.  I suppose what you don’t know is that it is widely believed that you were “the woman” Mccain chose to be VP because he’s gotten a sexual favor from you or he’s expecting a sexual favor from you.  Enquiring minds want to know have you given up the cat yet?  In case you were unaware that you were palling around with an adulterer you can read more about it here, here – this one states your base does care about adultery and would be less likely to vote for a candidate who had extramarital affairs- let’s see by your logic Obama knew that Ayres did what he did therefore he is what Ayres is let’s pull this further you know that McCain is an adulterer and therefore Sarah Palin is an adulterer and should not get the support of her base.  You can also read more about McCain’s adultery here.

The message is:

Sarah Pallin is Palling Around with Adulterers.

Oh yeah who is is Palin palling around with, Oh she’s palling around with a drug addict. A Drug Addict no less.  Cindy Mccain falsified prescriptions for her own charity and instead of handing them out to the charity she kept the drugs in a suitcase and swallowed them down whenever she felt like it.  You can read about it here or here

Ok what do we have here:

Saring Palin is Palling Around with A Drug Addict! A Drug Addict!

I thought Sarah Palin was a Christian in most protestant churches that I’ve been too.  Drinking is a sin.  Cing McCain is known as the Beer Queen.  I wonder how many calamities have been caused by people drinking  her beer, wife beatings, people killed in drunk driving accidents you get the point.  Needless to say the Republican moral majority don’t care.

Sarah Palin is palling around with the Beer Queen, she’s promoting Sin!

Sarah is palling around with these types of people. Well let me tell you it’s not just a group of people.  This is one couple.  I wonder what her other friends are like.  I don’t want to know.

  1. Ohh Mrs. Palin!!!
    With the decission to nominate her as VP, Mc Cain has lost all chances to win the election!

  2. I kind of like Sarah Palin. As for her messing up the race, if I don’t vote for her it will be because of the negativity of the campaign. I do not appreciate the fact that the Mccain/Palin team is willing to attack regular citizens. Bill Ayres has not gone to jail. He’s an upstanding citizen in Chicago and to have someone who aspires to an executive position in our government attack a regular citizen is plain out scary and more of the Bush policy that eliminated every right we had.

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