Worth Going to War For: Mexican Drug Cartel Kidnaps 6 Year Old From Home

In politics on October 18, 2008 at 11:17 am

What’s worh Going to War For? Iraq – No, not in my opinion.  Drug Lords from Mexico that Kidnap little children from their homes, yes this is worth going to war for.  This is worth losing the Iraq war.  This is worth pulling the troops out of Iraq immediately to protect our borders.  Isn’t this something that we need Federal Troops for.  The article states that in Mexico over 500 children have been kidnapped from their homes by Drug Lords.  This sounds like a war to me.  The kidnapping of a six year old from his home is Pearl Harbor to me.   It appears that while our leaders are  wrapped up in the Middle East, Iraq, and Georgia that they are not watching our borders.  This drug war is nothing new, I’ve been reading about it for over a year, mainly from the headline Texas college Students are warned to stay away from nearby Mexico for Spring Break because of Drug Wars.  Come on Folks, Can’t we elect political leaders that actually care about us.

Here are links that I’ve found related to the Mexican Drug War and in some cases what some call the American Drug War.  Meanwhile:  Bubba has sent the troops to Afghanistan to “yeah right” look for Bin Laden and protect the Poppies.

The Links:

Top Ten Drug War Stories of 2005

Drug War Zone Rattles U.S. Border Must Read Dates all the Way Back 2006 (This is Crazy we should have done something about this “drug problem” years ago.

Mexico’s Drug war Shows a Virulent Feminine Side Interesting

Mexicans Fleeing Drug War Help El Paso House Market This article written in September details that Mexican citizens are buying houses in El Paso Texas, and returning to work in Mexico because they are afraid that there children will be kidnapped by Mexican Gangs and Drug Lords.

Quotes from the Mexicans Fleeing Drug War Help El Paso House Market:

“Already notorious for a spate of brutal murders of young women in the 1990s, Ciudad Juarez has become Mexico’s most violent city in a drug war that has killed some 2,700 people nationwide so far this year. Some 3,000 troops were sent to the city of 1.5 million but they have failed to stop the chaos.” (As of September, 2700 people this year have been killed)

“El Paso real estate brokers say demand from over the border began rising early this year as the drug violence flared, and has ballooned since then as murders, abductions, extortions and car theft have spiraled. Many Mexicans are even paying cash. The article begins by saying that citizens especially with small children are moving to the United States.  It appears to me that these Gangs are trafficking in children.  They may say they are abducting children for drug debt but judging by this article they are kidnapping children because they are not just in the business of drugs but children also.


“I had to get out. The violence, the fear is overwhelming,” said Armando Garcia, 39, a computer programmer from Ciudad Juarez who has just obtained a three-year U.S. work visa and moved to El Paso to search for a one-bedroom apartment. “

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  2. This is an absurd, thoughtless reaction. The violence in Mexico began when Calderon began his crackdown on drugs, and has only escalated as he has tried to keep up. The violence, and all the deaths, are caused by drug prohibition, not drugs. These are people who reap massive profits from the drug black market, and will go to any length to protect those profits. We’ve been at war with drug users for 30 years, and have not made any progress in stopping drug use. Sending our military to Mexico is just an escalation of the violence, and the drug lords will respond in kind, killing as many of our boys as they possibly can. And those men will die for no good reason, the drug lords will continue to make billions from the illicit drug market, and any who fall will immediately be replaced, because there is no shortage of people willing to risk their lives for that kind of money.

    On the other hand, if we were to legalize drugs, as we learned with alcohol prohibition 80 years ago, it would take money out of the hands of criminals, and remove all incentive for this violence. Drugs could be sold in legally regulated markets, where disputes are handled by lawyers, not guns. The tax revenue from this market could be massive, and we would also stop losing $80 billion annually to the drug war. Also, foreign nationals would no longer have incentive to pollute our national forests with illegal growing operations. We could spend a portion of the tax revenue on actual drug education rather than scare tactics, and it would become much more difficult for underage would-be users to acquire drugs, since illegal drugs are currently easier for them to get than alcohol. I could go on.

    There is no downside to drug legalization, whereas your absurd suggestion of using our military to escalate the drug war has nothing but downside. More people will die, more innocents will have their lives destroyed, and the drug problem will not get any better. If you want peace, safety, respect for individual rights, money to fund other government programs, support drug legalization. We have historical proof, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that it will work.

  3. A hippy chick in favor of escalating the war on drugs? What next!!???

    Read the previous post again for some info on why the war on drugs is wrong & will never work.

  4. Blackhippychick, what are you smoking?

    Black markets create crime, not black tar heroin. Why is this concept so difficult for so many people?

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