List of Articles and Blogs Offering Alternative plans to Paulson’s 700 Billion Dollar Bailout

In politics on October 1, 2008 at 3:52 am

The following resources are a list of alternative plans or suggestions to the 700 billion dollar bailout written about in news articles and/or blogged.

CNN Report No Bailout Here’s Plan B

Business Week: Alternatives to the Big Bailout

Pacific Business News: Abercrombie, Hirono Tout Alternative to Bailout Bill

NATIONAL BAILOUT: 3 Maryland representatives draft alternatives

The Hill: Bailout Alternative

CNBC: GOP Memebers Forging Alternative Bailout Plans

San Francisco Chronicle: Economic Experts Talk to Both Sides of Crisis

The Washington Post Federal Diary:  Effort To Skirt Contracting Rules Unnerve Feseral Workers

NPR: Finding Alternatives to the Bailout Plan

Washington Post: Alternatives Solutions Diverge From Administrations Approach

CQ Quarterly: Group of Democrats Says Alternative Bailout Plan Could Interest GOP Members

The Nation: The No Bailouts Act

  1. Tried of the bankers having all the fun.

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    Be the bank, lose billions and get a bailout.

    Play as one of six banks: Bankruptcy O’ America, Worth Farless, No Cashvia, Liquidation Brothers, Greedy Investors of America, or Washed Up Mutual.

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    Liberty Street Games

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