“Got Jokes” I did not support the War! I made a mistake when I supported the War; YEah Right Paulson Gets A Historic 700 Billion Dollar Golden Parachute As he leaves office!

In politics on September 28, 2008 at 4:26 am

And he’s not even an economist; he majored in English in the college of Arts and Sciences very far from macro and micro economics.  Oh yeah he does have an MBA, the President of the United States probably thought this was enough of an “economic” qualification to make him Secretary of the Treasury. it’s not!  They school of economics is in the College of Arts and Sciences and MBA’a are in the school of business.  Take it from a Political Science person the school of business and the school of Arts and Sciences are Worlds away. It’s enough to have made him Secretary of Commerce but definitely not the Treasury.  From my point of view it looks like Pauslon needs to be fired or do what past market failures have done and


, instead of given 700 billion dollars and Bush needs to be impeached.


With that said according to a late night email and the Houston Chronicle; the democrats and George Bush have reached a historic deal to give 700 Billion Dollars to George BUSH and his “homey” Paulson.  The timing could not be more perfect close to 90 days before Bush and Paulson will be out of Office.  I suppose the I should not have voted for the war democrats led by I would not have voted for the war Barack Obama,  will have to  follow in the steps of embattled and reelected Louisiana Representative Jefferson who was caught with $90,000 dollars worth of bribery money in his freezer and go somewhere and buy a deep freezer or 10 for the bribes they received in exchange for voting for the 700 billion dollar bailout bill. 


Finally why is everything failing because Bush and Paulson are making them fail.  They are lying, suddenly they say everything’s going to fail and it does.  I do not have the knowledge and the resources of the I voted for the war congress but I do have common sense and any man that has created a fight and a war with every oil producing country in the world and his business is oil is a criminal and anyone who gets behind him is naïve or a criminal too.  This has essentially been Obama’s argument but he was the first to jump on the bailout plan, he also managed to give money to his former employer ACORN in the bailout bill.  I suppose anyone who thinks he was not working during this time has been misled.  He did work on the bailout bill, because Acorn is getting at least a billion of the money (my speculation) and I suppose ACORN and other community organizations will be distributing tax payer money to your local congressional persons home freezers’. 



Trust Me they Are Destroying the Economy for 700 Billion Dollars, This is making me a believer that 911 was an inside job and congressional memebers were probably in on it too!

  1. Tell me again…
    What happened at the Boston Tea Party?

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