Obama and the DNC Pimping the Color “Black” on Radio Ads

In barack obama, Democratic Primary, democrats, politicians, politics, presidential primary, presidential race, republicans on September 9, 2008 at 3:29 am

As has been written about before on this blog, the one thing that blacks of the diaspora meaning for the most part descendants of  West African blacks transplanted by the Trans Atlantic African Slave trade in the 17th and 18th century need to realize is that Barack Obama does not share that Ancestral Legacy with Blacks of the Americas.  Barack Obama is not the descendant of a slave and does not share this heritage and to put it bluntly does not have the right to claim a legacy that is not his. Barack Obama is African and not African America. Barack is East African and not West African.  Barack Obama is about as related to the descendants of West African slaves as are people in China that have black skin, India who have black skin, the Middle East who have black skin, etc.  “Attention” people just because you have black skin and are from Africa this does not mean that you automatically inherit the legacy of African American blood sweat and tears.  This does not mean that your ancestors fought in all of the United States wars, this does not give you the right to claim Crispus Attucks, the black guy who ran through the streets hollering the British are coming the British are coming. In actuality, the truth regarding Africans currently in Africa is that their Ancestors actively participated in the Transatlantic slave trade, many of them went deep into the interior of Africa and all along coastal Africa capturing other Africans to sell them to slave traders.  This is a fact that most native Africans admit to.  The only people who seem not to know this are African Americans which sometimes makes me wonder how long will their stupidity last, their ancestors were dumb enough “including mine” to be captured and placed into slavery and now the madness continues with their pushing to elect a “slave capturing” African as their first African American president.  Oh the Irony…………, Isn’t it Ironic!  If anyone doubts my words about the role of Africans in the Transatlantic slave trade, they may want to view the following movie or read the movie synopsis,

The above reminder was prompted by ads that are being run by the Obama campaign and the DNC which I heard yesterday on the Micheal Baisdan show that appeal to black peoples sense of heritage, that say that “our ancestors fought for this”, elect Barack Obama.  Honestly the person who wrote these ads should review the transatlantic slave trade, should view a movie and relive my ancestors being chased by Obama’s African ancestors to put my ancestors on a brutal slave ship that resulted in my ancestors having to be freed by the Republican Abraham Lincoln, that caused my ancestors to have to fight in the civil rights movement for equal education, equal employment etc. and the right to vote.  While I am not against Obama, these commercials are only pimping black people and playing upon ancestral connections that are not there. As for Micheal Baisdon, I am not surprised that these ads are being run on his show, this is the same man who regularly has strippers and pole dancers on his BET television show and discusses topics such as women should get surgery to tighten up their vaginae.  This is why Baisdon is comfortable running these ads because essentially “literally” he is a pimp himself and has no problems pimping descendants of African Americans.  STOP THE IRONY!!!!! STOP  THE LIES!


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