Palin as a member of Feminists For Life Leads by example not by words

In politics, presidential race, republicans on August 29, 2008 at 8:20 pm

I think one thing most people can agree on is that democrats try to claim the lead on being concerned about people in general.  They have made this their niche.  The world barely knows that Cheney rose from steel worker and union man to Vice President of the United States.  Meanwhile in the democratic party, unless you are black these Horatio individuals barely arise.  The same thing applies to helping people.  As Obama expounds on the poor and the downtrodden, his brother sits behind shanty curtains looking as if he and his child barely get enough to eat.  There is a saying Charity begins at home.  As the democrats speak about how low the Republicans are and how awful they are to individuals.  The current sitting president has initiated record setting initiatives to help the world in their various issues as it relates to women, children, and AIDS. 

The VP nominee for the Republican party Sarah Palan is a member of an organization Feminists for Life that embodies their concern for women of all social stratas.  While they do not subscribe to the Feminist issue of abortion, they do subscribe to women friendly issues such as equal pay for equal work, are against violence towards women,  and many other issues that draw a common thread between women.

Palin may be a formidable foe for OBama in it that she is an actor and and initiator not just a bag of wind.  I have not failed to notice that every promise that Obama has made he has gone back on.  Obama promised  to allow a roll call vote for Hillary Clinton by state.  This never materialized, instead there was a back alley deal where Hillary Clinton gave all of her delegates to Obama.  I know that this could not have been Hillary Clinton’s idea.  All of the promises that have been made by Obama I am sure that they are “Just Words” and will not be kept.  Trust me Obama is for sell.

  1. Wow – this is such a blatant insult to women that only someone from McCain’s generation (or a misogynist) could think of this as an equal replacement for an intelligent running mate.

    Not only does is Palin just another BIG OIL crony in a party plagued by such accusations, but she hasn’t even displayed the same level of intellectualism or drive that we expect from men. She’s not pushed herself to achieve so that she could go to the best schools. She could have at least earned the grades to go to a Harvard, Yale, or Columbia even if she declined later on.

    And her exposure to the world is limited to a town of 9,000 people, and a state with one of the lowest population levels in the country?!? If this were a male candidate would he stand a chance of becoming President? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! And Huckabee’s loss during this Presidential season helped prove that.

    Obama has represented hundreds of thousands for 2 terms as a State Senator and millions as US Senator.

    If he had Palin’s extremely limited knowledge and educational background, he never would have made it on ANY parties ticket less known been nominated to potentially become the next Commander and Chief.

    Worse yet, apparently, her supporters expect that Biden will have a difficult time debating her because he may be overly forceful with her. LOL!!! There’s a very realistic chance that she may become President and she will have to deal with world leaders who will most certainly treat her roughly. If she wants to play the weakling woman then she has NO PLACE in politics and certainly no PLACE IN WORLD politics.

    What a pathetic choice!!!

    Her only real drive has been to have 5 kids and to tell other people what they can and cannot do with their bodies even though this is a democracy.

    This is a resuscitated version of that unqualified idiot Qualye all over again, except this time it has Nazi women overtones.

    Welcome to the Republican version of the Nazi Female leader Gertrud Scholtz-Klink. Another ‘cute’ woman who happened to be a good speaker and the epitome of backwards thinking for both women and democracy.

    The only ones impressed are the Press that continues to trumpet this woman as if she’s the 2nd coming of Christ.

    Oh…wait that’s right most of the television commentators focusing on this woman ad nauseum are in that top 5% of income earners that would be affected by having to pay the same percentage in taxes that the 95% below them do.

    No conflict of interest there 😉

  2. Sarah Palin is more experienced to be President then Obama. She’s owned a business, ran a town and a state. What has Obama ran. Nothing!!! Don’t forget, Slick Willie’s State Arkansas is not much larger then Alaska comparing population. I think Delaware is smaller. I guess people like you would rather elect someone who cheats and demeans women, like Bill Clinton. Since when to you need to go to Harvard or Yale to become President. Maybe we need someone from the real world. Your an elitist Pig! Wait tell she debates Joe Biden. Then you’ll see.

  3. Tom what is Sarah Palins position on Global warming? It is my understanding that older women are more likely to have babies with Down syndrome. There are rumors swirling that Palin’s baby is her daughters or that Palins daughter is preganant. What do you know about that? Also her record with the enviornement seems to be a big disaster. It is totally the opposite of McCains. How do you answer these things?

  4. Kaddie, I would be very careful on how harshly Palin is criticized people might tend to believe that everything written about her negative is a lie. I am almost to that point now. Furthermore it is totally amazing that the Obama campaign and Obama are totally ignoring the fact that she is an elected Governor elected to represent a whole state not just a district. The Obama camp has a small town problem that they and their supporters are aggaravating by attacking Palins experience as mayor. She apparently has done something right she beat two former Alaskan governers and that’s what the Obama campaign ought to be focusing on not that she was mayor of a small town. Obama has just lead a sweep through as many small towns as possible trying to get their votes and then his campaign goes and insults The Governor of Alaska for once being the mayor of a small town. Not only this, Obama supporters are saying things like why doesn’t she go home and take care of her baby. I thought the democrats were the party that believed that a woman could do it all. Apparently only when it suits them. Furthermore, the whole issue of children of Executives make me bring up the issue of Michelle Obama and her children. I have been very concerned about her adolecsent and preadolescent children and where she would be? Is she going to be able to go visit Georgia at the drop of a hat like Cyndi Mc Cain or is she going to stay home and hear her children’s problems and take care of their needs when they are sick. How are they going to end up when they grow up? If their Dad is elected are they going to end up like the King Children old and fighting over a legacy when their fathers success should be a jump start not an albatross. These are the questions I have while people are worrying about Palin and her lifestyle she obviosuly has her lifestyle under control. I’ve noticed by looking at my next door neighbor with 6/7 children, that the older children free up the mother.
    As for the Obama’s I suppose Obama is using what he has to be President his apparent good looks and youthful charisma, but McCain once had those things too, but had the wisdom to wait until he was an elder statesman to run for office. There are no children questions swirling around John and Cyndi Mccain. they are free to do what the first Lady and President are suppossed to do. However the American people may see it differently and Palin is turning out to be a little strange with her enviornmental beliefs.

  5. What angers me most about all the Palin media is that I HEAR DEMOCRATS HURLING SEXIST INSULTS AGAIN. I registered Democrat because I thought Liberals were above sexism. I was wrong. They roll in it.

  6. One thing that’s being overlooked in the discussions over Sarah Palin and prolife feminism is this: women who self-identify as prolife feminists are not *only* conservatives. There are such women across the political spectrum–including strong environmental advocates.

    I help with a prolife feminist resource directory, Nonviolent Choice, that emphasizes environmental justice and eco-friendly living:

  7. You know I think more and more its getting harder and harder to identify with a political party because of their contradictory policies. How can you be pro-life and anti enviornment? How can you be against the death penalty for adults and be for aborting innocent lives. I am looking for a third party that can get some traction and maybe I’ll have to beging by volunteering for a thrid party that reflects my values.

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