I Remember how he treated Anita Hill: Joe Biden Obama’s VP Pick

In politics on August 23, 2008 at 5:46 am

The VP pick for Barack Obama will be Joe Biden.  I think what stands out most for me about Joe Biden is his abominable treatment of Anita Hill during the confirmation of Clarence Thomas.  I do not remember the words but the whole election cycle I was relieved that he was not making any inroads because all I could remember is the extrememly disrespectful tone and negativity he displayed towards her in tone .  As the mother of a young black girl, I will not be voting for OBAMA this election cycle.  I have not seen anything in his or his wifes character that allows me to.  Last night I saw a segment on CNN where he had a brother living in a shanty town in Kenya, no doors for entry only sheets, the brother spoke perfect English so I know that he could have brought him to America and arranged for him to  have an education.   The brother also looked like a famine victim or AIDS sufferer.   The picture of the close relative of the nominee of a major party of the United States living in a Shanty not even shack was highly disturbing and as an American disturbing,  Maybe John and Cindy McCain can arrange for Barack Obama’s brother to come to the United States give him a job, and let him live in one of their seven houses.  They have proven themselves up for the task by adopting an Asian Orphan and raising her to adulthood, meanwhile Barack Obama has a brother and at least a niece who look like extreme sufferers of malnutrition. 

This is a big slap in the face to the WOMEN of America.  It falls in line with Obama’s record on abortion. This is a blatant disregard for women and children to choose Joe Biden.

  1. I too, was shocked by the CNN sement about his brother. I had forgotten about Biden’s treatment of Anita Hill and wonder when/if this is going to play out in the media. I had every intention of voting for Obama. I don’t think I can now. I have 2 daughters also, and when one man,white or black treats a woman white or black like a subhuman, we all suffer.

  2. You beat me to it. Those hearings with Anita Hill in 1991 still burn in my mind. If anyone should be running for presidency, it should be Ms. Hill. She single-handedly put “sexual harassment” in our national lexicon. And Joe Biden was right there fanning the flame. For the first time in my life, I will not be voting this year.

  3. I just Googled the words “anita hill” and “biden” and found your site. I too remember the hearings–Biden at best did nothing but sit there like a total tool, at worst he joined the all boys club attack on AH.

    I know people think Biden is such a maverick. However, i’ve seen him come up short and I haven’t forgotten.

  4. I have been looking all over the ‘net for something like this because this white sister remembers, too.
    I never hear his name without thinking, “I don’t like that guy” and today is no exception. I’m disappointed.

  5. I was disgusted by Biden in his treatment of Anita Hill many years ago. If memory serves, he referred to Hill as “a woman scorned.”

  6. I too am disgusted at Obama’s choice of a running mate. I should think that step will cost him many, many black votes. And rightly so. I think you ladies, especially, should picket the Democratic National Convention. Wish I could get there!

  7. Another white chick who remembers Biden with anger for the way he went after Anita Hill. Such a poor choice for Obama to make. Does he not remember?

  8. I have been thinking the same thing since I saw he was one of the top contenders for VP. I’ll never forget how he treated her. DId he ever apologize? I don’t think so.
    I can’t stand him. She is one of my hero’s.

  9. Can’ t believe Obama made Biden his running mate. How well most women remember the despicable way he talked & acted toward Anita Hill. I’ve hated him ever since. Obama just lost my vote

  10. I found this site when I googled Biden and Anita Hill as well. There is no way I can vote for Obama/Biden and as one of the comments mentioned — why does Obama’s half brother live in a shanty town? My sons came home after their sister was born [ their DAd had remarried] and said they had a half suister. I asked them which half is thirs — right or left. Thier sister has been a full prresence in their lives. Biden is touted with being a prime mover in the Crimes against Women ACt. So are Hatch and Spector — both of them also interrogators of Hill. The Act was sponsored by them AFTER the Hill hearings and my view is that they were trying to buy some women’s votes. Thye don’t have mine. How many people have been prosecuted under the Crimes Against WOmen Act? LAst time I looked [ some five yrs ago] it was one. A vote for McCain is a vote for Hilary in 2012.

  11. Biden’s treatment/ behavior towards Anita Hill is not something I condone but I take issue with the idea that Obama needs to bring his brother to the United States. In the CNN interview, his brother looked horrified at the thought of being seen as ‘poor’ or ‘needing help’.

    Regardless of your political leanings or who you plan on voting for, I just think it’s a dangerous game to take one CNN interview and make sweeping claims (that the brother might have AIDS) based on it.

  12. I will vote for Obama, with reservations. But I, too, was exceedingly disappointed with his choice of Biden. Biden’s treatment of Anita Hill is written on my soul with indelible ink. I would like to forgive and forget, but ever since the Anita Hill vendetta, there has been an equal sign in my mind between ‘sexist pig’ and ‘Biden.’

  13. As a hispanic man and a lawyer, I will never forget how Biden treated Anita Hill. No doubt I will NOT vote for OBAMA now.

  14. I too am appalled at the choice of Biden. I had read that he makes sexist remarks on a “daily basis” and doesn’t seem to know it. He is highly unaware–this is now an extremely “male” ticket in the worst sense.

  15. For what it’s worth, I am a white man (a white gay man, in fact), and I too, ended up here by doing a Google search for Anita Hill + Biden. The reason I did that search was because when I just heard on the radio that Biden was the pick, I was shocked, because of what I remembered about his treatment of Anita Hill. But I thought, ‘Maybe I’m confused — Obama wouldn’t nominate THAT guy; it must have been some OTHER Democratic senator with a last name that began with a B or something that I’m remembering.’ Of course, it wasn’t, and I had, indeed, remembered correctly. Actually, the New York Times remembered too — this site was the SECOND hit I got on Google; the first was was this NYT item:

    In any case, while I am INCREDIBLY disappointed in this choice, I still will vote for Obama, not for any great love of the man and certainly not for the way he’s conducted his campaign or anything — but because McCain winning means four (at least) more of the disastrous policies we’ve been under for the past seven and a half years. We just can’t afford that. The WORLD can’t afford that.


  16. One more thing just occurred to me regarding (what I feel is) the necessity of voting for Obama, solely because the alternative is McCain: a vote for McCain will almost certainly, given the only one vote margin existing now and the ages and health of some of the non-reactionary Justices, mean the overturning of Roe Vs. Wade.

    McCain’s said both that he’ll appoint “strict constructionist justices”, and that he doesn’t have a problem if that ends up meaning the overturn of Roe Vs. Wade. I think ultimately that has to trump disgust with the Biden choice. (Or at least, it does for me.)

  17. Interesting, so because he questioned Anita Hill, you are willing to:
    1. Four more years of the Bush administration
    2. Pay more for gas
    3. Pay more for groceries
    4. Watch as Americans lose their homes to foreclosures
    5. Have little or no health care
    6. Watch as thousands of our troops die
    7. Continue to fund a war which reconstruction alone has cost Americans 85 BILLION dollars while they have experienced 85 BILLION dollars windfall profits due to increased gas prices.
    8. Give up women’s rights
    9. Give up Affirmative Action
    10. Continue to ship jobs overseas, and much more
    because you feel he mistreated Anita Hill?

  18. All of you are absolutely daft to suggest that you won’t be voting for Obama because of one mistake his running mate made nearly 20 years ago. No one on this site is remotely capable of finding a candidate who is completely free of flaw and personal error. People grow, change, make mistakes etc. Politicians are obviously no exception. If McCain wins this upcoming election and the economy continues to plummet (with foreclosures and gas prices plaguing the middle and working class factions of this nation), we are at war for another 8 years at least, and people who express dissent are further accused of treason (as was the rhetoric of the Bush administration), I will blame the stupidity of people who opt NOT to vote on a principle that is little more than an obsolete technicality at this point. You should all be ashamed of what you are suggesting (and probably ought to examine your true motives). Maybe what you’re actually saying is that you want these ills propagated by a horrendously self-serving administration to keep befalling us. Maybe by saying that the significant change Obama represents isn’t significant enough, you are really saying you don’t want change at all. Which is not unlike cutting off your nose to spite you face. Sigh.

  19. Biden needs to come right out and apologize for what he did to Anita Hill. Now is the time for Joe boy Biden to be in step with progressive change. He could come off well and have a chance to remind everyone that Justice Thomas was a coke-snorting, misogynist put into power by the evil right. Perfect deflection of the obvious attack.

    I am an independent, registered ‘non-affiliated’. Let’s create a Liberal Libertarian party. Remove the socialization of corporate losses yet socialize societal necessities.
    In the meantime, I have no clue who to vote for (between Obama and McCain). I may just write-in Mike Gravel.

  20. As a Ron Paul supporter, I’m amazed that people could believe in Obama. This choice is exactly characteristic of him, as is bringing back that cold-war warrior Zbigniew Brzynski. This is change? No, the same old bulldung. But vote for it if you want it. — Silverwolf

  21. I’m with you, Kath. The notion that you can find a candidate that is without some kind of flaw, legit or not, is ridiculous.

    And if Biden’s behavoir almost 20 years ago is so troubling to these gripers perhaps they should take a deeper look into McCain’s past, not to mention his current notions on how to further screw up this country.

    I mean, really. How juvenile can you be. The truth is these people would not have accepted the VP candidate whoever it was. They are just using Biden’s actions in the Anita Hill case as a reason for a decision that they have already made.

    But hey, this is the United States of America, which means even ignorant reactionaries get to vote too.

  22. Blackhippychick, Susan, Peggy —

    Could you be any dumber or more reactionary to withhold your votes for Obama because of how Joe Biden treated Anita Hill two decades ago? I’ll bet you anything that Anita Hill will be voting Obama-Biden. Why? Because she has a brain. Because she doesn’t want four more years of Bush. Because she doesn’t want to go to war with Iran and now Russia. Because she doesn’t want more Scalias and Clarence Thomases on the Supreme Court. This is the real world. You don’t get perfect candidates. You vote for the ones that will do the least damage and/or accomplish the most good. Yeah, go ahead and nurture your grudges, and if the country elects McCain, you can fool yourself into believing that no matter how bad things get, they would have been worse with Obama in the Oval Office.

  23. I was enthusiastic and energized for Obama early in the campaign, but have grown disillusioned by his treatment of Rev. Wright and his whimping out on other important issues. Now, I am profoundly disappointed by his choice of Biden. I have a carried, in my mind’s eye, a picture of Biden sitting close-lipped while Anita Hill was hammered by that SOB Arlen Specter. At the time I wondered how he could sit there quietly and let those men absolutely crush that beautiful woman who was obviously in great pain. And I blame Biden that Clarence Thomas, who is obviously not qualified in any way, will be on the Supreme Court for the rest of my lifetime.

    However, let’s keep in mind that removing the Republican war criminal administration, of which McBush is a member, and their lobotomized leader is a national emergency. Unless you want more of the same, so I hope those of you who are threatening not to vote will reconsider.

  24. […] Blackhippychick remembers the hearings, too. And she’s ticked about O’s brother George, whose plight made it from Italian Vogue to CNN in the last day or two. […]

  25. Um, you’re really going to vote for McCain? Mr. “I’m ditching my faithful crippled wife for a beer heiress” McCain? Mr. “I call my wife a ‘cunt'” McCain?

    You’re really doing your part for women’s rights with THAT vote.

  26. BHC-

    Nothing could be as much of a slap in the face to women EVERYWHERE as voting McSame or sitting this election out.

    Take it from a whitehippieman- you should vote Obama, sister.


  27. […] this blogger, I remember how he treated Anita Hill.  I remember the plagiarism, which may have started when he […]

  28. Does he not remember?

    Of course Obama remembers. He’s the guy who thinks you should talk to your clergy before you make choices about your medical care, that you’re mental health doesn’t factor into the choices you might make with your doctor.

    Obama hold’s women’s autonomy and personhood in no more esteem than Biden did during those hearings.

  29. wow, deciders – that’s all you’ve got? The same old warmed over “shut your fucking pie hole” extortion?

    This straight man is going to happily vote his values, and pull that lever for McKinney/Clemente, because I know that Donk or Republican, the country is fucked either way, and I refuse to ratify the non-choice they seek to force upon me.

    Give up on the national parties, support people who share your values locally, and threaten the Donks with the only thing they give a shit about, which is LOSING POWER by voting third party. Vote your values.

  30. Joe Biden has been an excellent senator and statesman for over a quarter of a century. It is easy to see how a Biden/Obama ticket would work just as well as an Obama/Biden ticket.

    It would be difficult to find a better fit for the executive branch.

    Biden’s knowledge of global affairs and the inner workings of Washington can help Obama’s vision become a reality.

    Anita Hill? Give me a break.

    Here’s the scoop:

  31. The final nail in the coffin that could have been my vote for Obama.

    When McCain picks Romney and pulls out Clinton’s old mantra of “It’s the economy, stupid!”, they’ll get my vote.

  32. I’m guessing nobody here has read this article, from Reason magazine.

  33. Speaking of reactionaries – – I’m unclear how stating one’s disappointment with obama’s VP choice, equals support for McCain or some other 3rd party candidate. . . sounds like the Obamabots tolling the internet found this site along with the rest of us. Obama is losing ground in states with large white working class peeps and he’s perceived weak on international affairs– Ok, so I get the Biden choice–however, i don’t have to crack the bubbly.

  34. I remember how Anita was treated also. Now SHE may not vote for Obama for it and that is her choice she was in the middle of that mess. But do not throw Obama under the bus for it. But YOU are willing to go through ANOTHER 4 years of bs because of it? Involved in a war most people do not want and this recession it is breaking a lot of people. But guess what, Texas has 4 out 6 recession proof cities and it just happens to be Bush’s home state and it is in my opinion that we spent $250 billion on protecting the oil investments there. In the stock market Bush lowered the percentages of investment earnings to 15%. Who was that actually helping? Who actually deals on the stock market? The rich! Obama wants to raise it back up to 25%.

    The best place to buy a home is…. where? in Texas.

    But getting back to the war, Bush put the order forth to get us into Iraq in any way possible. What did we hear? Weapons of mass destruction! Osama Bin Laden! Let’s get a grip here.

    Obama picked this guy because for one Biden was one of his biggest critics and this guy definitely has a background in foreign policy. This man has 30 years of experience in politics over Obama. You got to give Obama credit for pushing for someone that would at least complement him. Not to make just black folks happy. Obama would have to serve the entire country so he has to appeal across the board. You have got to think beyond Anita… I would bet that she is sick of this administration too.

    Why are we condemning Obama about his brother? Do you not think that they had the conversation about him coming to the states before? This is business that media really needs to stay out of. I am sure people have close yet distant relatives in their families too. Obama’s not the first. We have too many people that are taking personal interest in situations that have nothing to do with us out of context and not really knowing what the real deal is. Let it go and think about where this country is going.

  35. I’m not rich and I have money in the stock market.

  36. I’m so happy to read your post. I agree. I am a white woman.

    Joseph Biden’s selection as Barack Obama’s VP forces me to endorse Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney. This is the first time in my adult life that I will not be voting Democrat. I am very proud to vote for an African American woman for president. For those of you who do not remember the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas hearings, I encourage you to read the transcripts and see if voting for a ticket that includes Joseph Biden is really so different than voting for McCain. It is a profound disappointment that I cannot vote for the Democratic candidate this election.

    Emily P.

  37. Yes, in 1972 Biden passed gas in the locker room playing golf.

    Certainly passing gas in 1972 totally disqualifies not only Biden and Obama but dictates voting for McCain.

    Absolutely, positively!

  38. […] From Feminist Law Professors – Like this blogger, I remember how he [Biden] treated Anita Hill. I remember the plagiarism, which may have started […]

  39. Kath says: “…and people who express dissent are further accused of treason (as was the rhetoric of the Bush administration)….”
    I see more similarities between Bush and Obama than between Bush and McCain. For example, why is it more acceptable/any different to be accused of “racism” each time one expresses a dissenting opinion about Obama?

  40. Perhaps people do change in 20 years, but the fact is that Biden introduced his wife by referring to her physical appearance, and then her doctorate degree (which he categorized as “a problem”) Chuckle chuckle nudge nudge. It does not surprise me that Obama would pick running mate who exhibits contempt toward women. Obama, if you will remember the primaries, behaved in an extremely sexist and chauvinistic manner (calling the female report “sweetie”, saying that Hillary was “likeable enough”). Obama, for lots of reasons, means nothing good for women, African-Americans (remember the condescending “Popeye’s Chicken” speech he made months ago?) or to working people everywhere.

  41. @zoe-

    wink wink nudge nudge

    extremely sexist and chauvinistic manner,… saying that Hillary was “likeable enough”

    not only that, but said Pelosi was “pleasant”.

    Oh, and don’t forget BOTH Obama AND Biden have eaten in
    Colonel Sanders,

    and get this- IN THE LAST 25 years!

  42. […] have the same protections she would have had in a court of law. This was the Senate, however, and he chose to wait for the fight he could win […]

  43. Drink sand-

    But darlin-

    All we have in the campaign is funnels to drink sand with.

    Do you hear anyone talking about over 100 banks that are going to close after the election?

    Anyone discussing the trillions of debt we are loaded with now and the lenders are pulling the plug?

    The LEAST issue of all the mega disasters going on (Russia cranking up the new cold war) is a 25 year old sexual harassment discussion.

    You drink sand with a funnel because you are talking about sexual harassment connected with a presidential race when the nation is about to fall and fall hard, and sexual anything has nothing to do with it.

  44. I just have one thing to say. What makes you think that his brother would WANT to come live in the US?!

    I understand the section about poverty but it’s absolutely arrogant to assume that he would love to come live here.

  45. and I have some news for you. Elections are not about ideology, they are not about perfectionism, and they are not about finding an amazing candidate.

    they are about avoiding the worst case. I understand that in some situations one might have personal reasons for not voting, but you need to understand that you ARE contributing to the worse case by not voting.

    1) people make mistakes
    2) McCain would have treated Anita Hill even worse TODAY

  46. Not voting for Obama puts McCain in the White House. Is that really what you want?

  47. I am thrilled to have found your blog! It is so refreshing to hear other women as outraged as I am. In the local Obama camp, people are OK with Biden.
    Short memory.

    I’m voting Cynthia McKinney and Rosa Clemente this year- I think they’re the strongest candidates to run since I’ve been of voting age.
    I know some folks are worried about who to vote for, but if you remember that:
    1) we have the electoral college – we are the only country that votes without our votes having power
    2) vote fraud. It happened in 2000 and 2004 – and probabaly again this year,
    3) sometimes, you have to give a little to get a little: if your party is ignoring you, show them they have to WORK for your vote, not scare you to get it. Maybe they’ll take us more seriously next season.

  48. These votes for the “other” candidates are a wasted vote and it ensures the candidate that you really do not want in office a sure shot.

  49. I absolutley disagree, Karen.

    Voting in America is little more than an intellectual exercise; the candidates are already chosen and (s)elections are a kind of theater to fool us into thinking we participate in the process. So we don’t work on something that could actually make a real change.

    Democracy was only tried once, in 5th century ancient Greece.

    I see our ‘govt.’ as a plutocracy, big money runs everything.

    There is much work we can do to bring the system to its knees and start over. They don’t care about us, and anyone with their eyes open knows that.

  50. I was quite disappointed in Obama’s choice of Biden. Yes, he treated Anita Hill disrespectfully -as did Paul Simon, and far too many others. Over the years, I’ve watched Biden sit on various panels and committees, and on several occasions he went off on odd non-sequiters and tangents that made me honestly wonder if he was on meds or something.

    I was hoping for someone younger, and outside of the box -the Dems version of Palin I suppose. But I will vote for Obama none the less, as America must rid herself of this immoral and reckless, war and bible right-wing strangle-hold that McShame and Palin represent.

  51. I agree with the memories of how Biden treated Hill during the hearings. I am a white female with both a son and daughter and I can not vote for Obama nor McCain. McCain had affairs on his first wife and left her after for a much younger, wealthier woman…..He is a bigger loser than Obama. What happened to choosing a leader based upon morals and character….they have neither.

  52. I understand your concern.
    However wouldn’t Obama be able to do more for his African brother and African people in general if he was in a position of power?
    The most powerful political position of power in the world?
    Many Africans are praying he becomes President. They are even singing about it!

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