Michelle Obama to Keynote Convention!!!!!!!!!!!!! Monarchy on America King Kuba and his Queen

In politics on August 12, 2008 at 1:39 am

I was not aware that we had a monarchy in this country.  I thought we voted for one president and he had a wife but she was not a co president or coruler.  Obviously things have changed.  The Jackie Kennedy analogy just ran out Jackie was willing to play in the background, she redecorated the white house.  I suppose Michelle will be the one answering the red phone now.

As for Michelle being a Hillary, Hillary ran for an office , Senator and won.  What a pity all of the talented women who actually hold an office in the democratic party have been knocked out so King Kuba can make his wife a keynote speaker, obviously  the same opportunities extended to Barack Obama when they chose a junior senator or was he a state representative at the time to speak at the convention will not be extended to others.

Oh I suppose it’s not a real monarchy, if  they win they will have to leave in four or eight years, maybe a modified monarchy.


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