Am I paranoid but is their an unusual Police Presence in my Neighborhood

In politics on August 12, 2008 at 1:25 am

Imagine the following, you are in the process of taking your children to school on the first day, you walk outside of your door and look down the street and see a police car idling several doors down for no apparent reason, maybe a roach brake, but I don’t think so.  You ride around the block to see if they ever leave and don’t leave until you holler out to your neighbor there are roaches on our street and I don’t know why.  The police officer quickly pulls off.  In the mean time as you are heading towards the highway the police roaches have parked at the top of every road leading to each individual subdivision.  Is the president in town, maybe he’s about to speak at the local high school.  I don’t think so.  These are local tax dollars working for you.  In the meantime I do manage to not trip over a roach by the time I get to the highway and there is a three car pile up and one tiny little female police officer working this accident.  Where are the men or the big fat women officers, oh I left them in my neighborhood.  I’ve almost gotten one child to school and as I am about to turn into the school, the police have set up a road block and are asking for ID, I missed this one I’m on the other side, but how sad the first day of school and these officers are making it pretty difficult to have a pleasant day and for parents to get their children to school.   The last time I checked attempting to get an education was not a crime, however for the police force in Dekalb County, Georgia an education is something that citizens should not be doing because well because they are trying to intimidate people out of the process.  Meanwhile way across town in the same county, “not one police officer” STOP THE HARASSMENT PROMOTE CIVIC EDUCATION AMONG THE POOR AND ECONOMICALLY CHALLENGED REGISTER TO VOTE ——-VOTE.  THE STATUS QUO DOES NOT HAVE TO STAY THE SAME IF YOU EXERCISE YOUR CIVIC POWER!!!! IF YOUR RIGHTS CAN NOT BE PROTECTED BY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!


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