Things that make you say HMM! My response to PAS

In barack obama, democrats, politicians, politics, presidential race, Race on June 5, 2008 at 7:48 am

In response to my Blog Entry “The Original Source for the Michelle Obama Ticking “whitey” Timebomb”; Pas wrote the following:

“Wow, way to take words out of context and twist them to say what ever you want. Look I can do it too! “…I am quite surprised that the media has not mentioned the ‘low class comment’ but this shows their deep seated bias against honest and fair journalism.” As we all of course know, “fair” is another word for white, as in the “fairer race” or fair-skinned. It is clear that this blogger fears that there is a conspiracy to silence all honest white journalists. Who is this person? Twisting people’s words and then calling it fair and honest does not make it fair and honest. Take some serious time and work on your logic”

In response I wrote the following: 

Pas, independent organizations have evaluated media coverage of Barack Obama and have determined that the media has given preferential treatment to Barack Obama. Even now the Tony Rezko issue and his associations with Barack OBama have not been fully explored, even now the connections with Weather Underground have not been fully explored. Trust me I would love to see a black president and Barack Obama is very likely to win. However due to Barack Obama’s past and affiliations a terrible message is being sent to our youth that to make it you have to be dirty; IE. a former drug user, former gang member, abusive towards other races, and have a love for people who hate. I have worked with people who loved Obama who were white and they still love him. However they were surprised with the way they were alienated by the other black people who were working to get Obama elected who were quite cold. This is a world that I want no part of. Contrary to what some people would have you believe the radical race problems were initiated by Obama’s associations with Reverend Wright not by people blogging about it. Obama is the racist not I. You know Hitler espoused a public disdain for Jews when he ran for election in Germany, Obama’s associates are espousing a public disdain for whites. Personally I think every white person ought to sit down and think about what electing someone who secretly hates white people means or every person needs to ask themselves what supporting someone who’s willing to hate anyone in that manner means to the United States. Furthermore people like Reverend Wright don’t just hate whites, they hate women, gays, Jews, and a variety of other people also. You may think that Barack Obama just want’s the Presidency but if he gets it something more megalomaniac might hit his mind other than running for President after he has been in the United Senate for three years, who knows his mind might initiate a mass extermination policy against groups and races he does not like. All that I’ve said is worth thinking about.

  1. The truth is Obama is of both races, black and white, and he is not loyal to any. He has proved that with his first political step to the one he is taking now. He will detroy our country and he has the sheep to follow him blindly. It is scary how they chant change but do not research the man. If they did they would see his changes are just words to get elected. Once in God help our great nation.

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