Chicago Style Back Door Politics Does not Meet the Standard For Me to Vote Democrat this Term

In Democratic Primary, democrats, Hillary Clinton, politics on June 3, 2008 at 11:23 pm

As Barack Obama declares that he has locked up the democratic nomination tonight.  This should be a proud moment for me as an African American.  However it is not.  I suppose I could say it’s not, because I volunteered for him stood and helped navigate rally attendees for hours, checked on the sick and lame, and organized voter registration drives and when I was in  his face he could not shake my hand.  I guess I could say that this is the reason I don’t support him and for that reason I believe that it would be justified.  However I am supposed to be as I keep reminding the readers of this blog so objective that my career aptitude test long ago pointed me to judge. 

 I have to honestly so that I feel that Barack Obama is staking out illegitimate territory when he asserts that he’s the democratic nominee.  I could have applauded his nomination  had it not been for Michigan, and after seeing the sorry affair of Michigan and how delegates were given out,  I had to rethink the whole situation.  As far as Michigan goes, unlike the Clinton campaign I was prepared for Barack Obama to get undecided, but when the Michigan Democratic party came up with a solution to give Barack Obama the uncounted write in vote  based on an exit poll.   I was floored, clearly this was dirty dealing.  If they could do this they could have seated all of the Florida delegates if they so chose.  What the 18 folks who voted for this deal at the table failed to realize is that this is a real election not as Former President Clinton said months back a “Fairy Tale”.  Once the election goes into swing with John McCain.  There will be no party of 30 that you can beg, complain to, pay off, or appeal to becuase they may be black, and guilt into turning black and white into grey.  If I were any party’s nominee I would lilke to think that I was entering the race  based on fairness and that I had played the game to win honestly and not gone to the party of 30 to  have the nomination handed to me because of various reasons. 

It appeares that every honest move that Senator Clinton decided or wanted to make has been shot down in some smoke filled back toom.  Senator Clinton agreed to a revote for Michigan and Florida.  Obama did not because he did not want it.  He refused to agree becuase he thought he would lose. 

The party of 30 attempting to control the fate of 303,824,646 thousand people is absolutely ridiculous.   The shocking part is the dirty Michigan proposal was done on National TV.  I can’t imagine what awful things have been done behind closed doors to get people elected.  The sanctimonous democrats are always attacking Republicans and the tactics they use to win, they need to do a self examination becasue they are not stabbing a republican in the back but a fellow democrat. 

Asfor Hillary Clinton, what decision will she make?  What will she do? Could she run as an independant without the so called black vote and win?  Lets look at the statistics according to the CIA FactBook 81.7% of  United States Citizen are white; 12.9% are black; and 4,2% are Asian. Hispanics who fall into the above ethnic groups are tallyed based on their etnicity or their color.  It’s pretty obvious that Hillary Clinton could make a run for independant and run, and judging by her supprters reaction when she refused to concede tonight; like Lieberaman she would probably win.  Maybe Hillary did not give up on Bill because she’s the loyal woman that she is and Bill did take her to the top as First lady, and Bill does look out fo rher best interests ultimately.  However Hillary Clinton may have to give the democratic party the boot and strike out on  her own.  Honeslty it won’t be that hard to find at least 18 people smarter than than the 18  of 30 that made the Michigan decision.  However, if Hillary is going to make or even consider an independant run she has to make the decision quickly people are getting really weary.

As for who I will vote for I don’t know I would like to vote for Hillary Clinton.  I know I will not vote for a ticket with Romney.  However as for the economy I comfort myself that I could vote for a Republican by thinking what a mess the economy was unuder Carter and how Reagan swooped in and turned it around ‘VOODOO” I know but the price of gas stabalized and we no longer had to put quarters in the tank when we had to use it.  I was very very young then but I remember it.  So McCain could be a possibility.  As for Obama judging by the way he’s won the nomination by slighting two states I doubt very serioosuly that he’s concerned about lowering gas prices and stabilizing the economy, he’s inner not outer.  He just wants to be president. 


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