Detroit Free Press Reporting “Deceit Big Obstacle in Sect Case” Sect Members Pathological Liars

In Crime, politics on June 1, 2008 at 4:54 am

What is coming to light is that the folks at the Yearning for Zion Ranch and maybe all FLDS members are pathological liars.  I have heard on Nancy Grace about the torture of babies by a Former FLDS member, this is how indoctrination is started.  This is why it is so difficult to actually find out what’s going on at this ranch. 

According to the Detroit Pressquoting Mark Shurtleff,  Attorney General of Utah:

“These are people who have been taught from the cradle that outsiders are bad, that government is evil, until they fear us more than they fear their abusers,”

The articlealso highlights the tactics that FLDS members use to keep from being identified.

“In a filing to the Texas Supreme Court, lawyers for the Department of Family and Protective Services said collecting evidence was difficult. Girls routinely switched names and identified themselves as mothers of other women’s children.”

Finally, it the article also highlights the fact that FLDS members don’t consider their actions and words as lies but as a means to protect their family.  Mary Mackert a former FLDS member was interviewed and she indicated the following:

“That comes as no surprise to Mary Mackert, a former FLDS member who, as a child in a polygamous family, said she was taught that her behavior could determine whether her father ended up in jail.

Her mother, she said, rehearsed lies with her children: When her father spent the night at his other wives’ houses? “Daddy’s a traveling salesman.” Why didn’t the family attend the mainstream Mormon church? “Daddy’s a Catholic.”

By the time Mackert was married — at 17, to a 50-year-old — lying was second nature, she said. When her husband was in public with her, he would ask their children to “come to Grandpa.”

“You didn’t think of it as lying. It’s your duty and your responsibility to protect those who are living the principle,” Mackert said. “They’re going to lie to protect their prophet and the head of their family.”  “

Finally the article discusses the almost unlimited cash flow the Ranch has from what they claim are FLDS businesses but which I personally believe is a front for nasty old men to pay to have sex with little girls and the ranch is essentially breeding and selling children.  From what I have heard observed and read.  There is far too much of an emphasis on getting little girls pregnant and then turning aorund and getting their daughters pregnanat. 

This blogger is not condemong polygamy, she is condemning a lifestyle that appears to be based not on consensual, aware, contemplative adults, but elderly men purchasing an unlimited amount of little girls, raping and impregnating them and then sending them to the welfare office.  This is what I find problematic.  Warren Jeffs should be under the jail and never let out! 

  1. Pathetic bastards! they should be locked up, all of them

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