Boston. Com Discusses How Michigan Delegates Were Allocated

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This blog reported yesterday about the extremely strange way Michigan Delegate votes were allocated to Barack Obama yesterday.  The published post discussed how Obama would get the results of two places on the ballot uncommitted and the write in vote.  Obama asked the voters of Michigan and even passed out handouts suggesting to people who wanted to vote for him to vote uncommitted.  We all assumed he would get uncommitted for Michigan.  We did not assume he would get the write in vote also which according to Michigan is uncounted if a candidate has not formally declared that he would run for office in Michigan write in for the candidate can not be  tallied or recorded the machine ignores them and no one knows who the write ins were for.  Since it is illegal to look at ballots, Michigan says they relied on exit polls in determining the votes Obama should have for write in.  In other words Michigan gave Obama votes without votes.   

In any event I thought I was crazy and must have imagined the above because out of over 50 articles I’ve read about the “big” compromise, no one has written about it.  It’s like Michigan did not do a dirty deal to give Obama votes.  However one truth seeking newspaper is reporting how the Michigan Obama delegates were allotted also.  Joseph Williams and Bryan Bender of the Boston Globe are reporting :

“Mark Brewer, chairman of Michigan’s Democratic Party, told the panel the best solution was a compromise, based on an assessment of exit polling and other data. Brewer said Obama was entitled to 59 pledged delegates to Clinton’s 69, “a far fairer reflection of the Democratic preferences in Michigan.”

Exit polls are not the same things as votes.  Michigan did not hold an exit poll caucus.  Honestly Obama should not have been given the write in vote, and technically he should have been made to associate the uncommitted with his campaign by asking uncommitted to come forward. 

  1. In the interests of full disclosure I am an Obama supporter, no i’m not here to storm your site with ridiculous tirades. But I come with this thought…how ironic would it be if the legacy of Hilary Clinton’s campaign run was the beginning of the end for Roe v Wade, because her supporters were so blinded by their support for her that they voted against their own best interests only to get a President that goes against everything she stood for, Obama and Clinton have very similar policy stances, far different from John McCain. So to imply Obama would be also be Bush 2 is completely untrue. If McCain gets elected and has the opportunity to appoint one possibly two supreme court justices in the mold of John Roberts and Sam Alito as he says he will, remember this primary. Its not quite over yet but Hilary would have definitely won (not if they seated the delegates fully) but if her campaign was prepared for the primaries and caucuses after super tuesday.

  2. You know it is highly likely that Obama will be the democratic nominee and unless McCain puts a woman on the ticket or someone really forward thinking I most likely will vote for Obama. I hope the democratic nominee wins, but I feel guilty when I don’t see both sides of an issue. I am not the type of person who can sit there blind. The Michigan compromise went beyond democracy and into autocracy. It disturbed me. Elections in the United States are getting to be pretty sleazy affairs. Everyone was prepared for Obama to get uncommitted but not write in.

    As for Roe vs. Wade I am positively and completely pro-life. I have been pregnant twice and I have two children. When I was 20 a friend of mine gave me a variety of contraceptives maybe numbering in the hundreds I don’t know where she got them from but when I was sexually active I used them until they expired and then I had to throw them away. For me the whole abortion issue is a non-issue and revolves around the issue of responsibility, A WOMAN WILL NOT HAVE TO HAVE AN ABORTION IF SHE USES PROTECTION Abortion should be reserved for cases such as rape. It should not serve as a contraceptive. I do understand that contraceptives fail at a rate of less than 2% for implants, 9% for oral contraceptives, and 13% for cervical caps but I honestly don’t believe that all of these people are having abortions because their birth control failed. I believe they are having abortions because they are irresponsible. For feminists to dedicate so much money to this issue when pharmaceutical companies have made the chances of getting pregnant virtually impossible for up to 98% of the population is ludicrous. Feminists would be better off spending their money on passing out and paying for various forms of birth contril rather than dedicating a whole industry to being for abortion.

  3. I consider Roe v Wade an important decision because of its protection for the right of privacy, which Republicans have been trying to undo since Griswold v. Connecticut in 1965. But I don’t think the SC is going to undo that. I could be wrong. What I know will happen if Obama is the nominee is that McCain will win. If by some miracle McCain doesn’t win and Obama becomes president, we’ll have yet another inexperienced president with a “god’s will” attitude who believes crazy stuff even though he swears doesn’t. He has no values. Blackhippiechick, your blog is absolutely correct. The unfairness is a clear “fix” and it’s shameful.

  4. The reason many feminists spend so much time on the abortion issue is BECAUSE of the ongoing conservative efforts to scale back access to contraception. Republican senators like John McCain have voted to exclude contraceptives from Title X family planning for the poor. They have even sought to keep the morning after pill out of rape kits, and the Bush administration is still trying to strip contraceptive coverage for federal employees.

    Makes no sense …

  5. […] They literally took votes from Hillary and gave them to Barack Obama as written about here and here. While some may argue that this was not a chauvinist thing to do it was just winning, asking Hillary […]

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