Utah Attorney General Threatens FLDS With Prison “There will be no Underage Marraiges in Utah”

In family, politics, state supreme court decisions on May 31, 2008 at 1:36 pm

Johnny Glines of  KUTV is reporting that the Attorney General of Utah, the seat of Mormons has threatened FLDS with jail time if they bring their illegal activities to Utah.   Flines  Reports that the Attorney General has said the following:

In a live 2NEWS interview at 5 p.m., Shurtleff called Jessop a “liar” and threatened him saying, “we put Warren Jeffs in prison here, and as for the rest of them, we will too.”

“I’ve got a word for Willie Jessop, that lives in Utah, and is defending this, and says that it isn’t going on. He’s a liar,” said Shurtleff. “If you come here to Utah and think you can wed underage girls; you’ve got to think again.”

Furthermore, Jessop, one of the FLDSleaders says the nation is in agreement with their actions of marrying twelve year olds as revealed in pictures of another FLDS leader in an intimate picture with a yonggirl, and DNA tests may confirm that this leader has impregnated four girls when they were between the ages of twelve and fourteen.  Jessop said the following: “Clearly the nation spoke tonight,” said Jessop.  referring to the decision to return the children back to the FLDS ranch. 

I am a registered voter and last year I helped to register over  three hundred voters, while I am not allowed to discuss political issues while registering voters.  I seriously doubt that the majority of the folk that I registered  last year support spiritual marriages to young girls, incest, and rape.  I believe the attorney general of Utah, they are liars. 


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