Obama’s Florida Man Does not Have a Clue

In politics on May 31, 2008 at 1:50 pm

 If  Representative Robert Wexlar is an example of the type of people who would be helping to run the country during an Obama presidency.  We are in for Bush two.  Wexler could not tell the truth, could not answer questions asked because he was so determined to hide his real motives of trying to preserve Obama’s delegate lead and pretend that he was concerned with the people of Florida.  He was not concerned with Florida but with Obama.  He literally thought the people interested in the issues had their eyes closed and were stupid.  He argued that Clinton should be happy with the 19 out of 40 delegates that Obama was willing to concede.  He further said that 19 delegates was what she received from two states combined so Florida and Clinton should be happy with this.  When asked about fair reflection  “proportional representation” he looked like and acted like he did not know what this meant. 

Honestly,  an Obama election is looking like a Bush 2, Mccain may be Bush 2.  What are we going to do?  Prepare for Katrina 2 and pay ten dollars at the pump because the people selected are wide eyed and unaware of how to run this country.  I am so  afraid at this point.  Clinton really should consider and Independant run.  The time is now. 

On the flip side Clinton supporters were very articulate, clear, and aware, and did not lie!  


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