If a State Says Vote and You Don’t Vote Who’s Fault Is It?

In politics on May 31, 2008 at 1:55 pm

IF a state says vote and you don’t vote.  It’s the fault of the voter  for not voting.  It is not the fault of the state, they offered you the chance to vote you should have voted.  Furthermore, it’s the right of the citizens of a state to have their vote counted.  They voted, they thought it would count.  If your candidate takes his name off the ballot, that’s his problem.  IF he knows there is going to be a ballot he should not take his name off of the ballot.  If we are debating these issues we may as well think about them. 

  1. You forgot to mention that the whole vote was known to be illegitimate in the first place. Your argument holds together only because you choose to ignore a fact. Also, Clinton was OK with excluding the offending states few months ago. Now, when it turns out she virtually can’t win in any other way, she is trying anything. I was giving her a benefit of the doubt before, but now she turned ugly. Bad looser, that’s it.

    Besides the US Political system is completely broken. Names of last 5 US Presidents: Bush, Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush. Now, you people want another Clinton to top that list? You call this Democracy ?

  2. I just want it to be fair and see every vote counted. When you see that the democratic party is allowing thirty votes to determine whether the votes of millions count it seems pretty ridiculous. The manner in which it was done also indicates to me that we are ripe for a third party that can do it much better. What I saw on stage yesterday was “power tripping” . I could even imagine Snoop Dogg singing Sensual Seduction which to me parodies Prince. EGO TRIIIIIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPIN!

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