Polygamy, An Ode to Gemini, Bad House Keeping, and a Challenge to Feminists and Feminism

In family, politics, state supreme court decisions, the zodiac on May 30, 2008 at 7:15 am

 I have tried to avoid blogging about the Texas Polygamy case, the case where 400 children were taken from the FLDS ranch.  I am far from the perfect parent, to emphasize this, let me inform you of what’s going on in my house these days.

 My daughter is refusing to get her hair combed.  Every time I touch it she screams and runs away.  Well yesterday I had to take care of an urgent matter with a friend and I had to take my daughter and her uncombed hair out the house.  I noticed upon her getting in the car that she had not put her shoes on, and I said a silent thanks to God that she would not try to get out of the car because she had no shoes.  Well I was the one who ended up with egg on my face yesterday, as we were waiting for my friend to take care of her issue, my daughter hops to the front of the car and begs me to go into the very nice building that we are in front of.    She has tied matching bath towels to the bottom of her feet and says she’s made herself some shoes.  At this point I am afraid that she’s going to bolt for the door and run in the place in all of her nappy headed bath toweled feet glory. I say no honey and tell her your hair is not combed, and bath towels on your feet are not shoes.  At this point I think it is a good time to mention that the lady at the local hair supply place has given my daughter the name of Flavette after Flavor Flav because after leaving Ross department store with a fluffy pink bathrobe one day, my daughter put it on, refused to take it off and walked around pompously, earning her the name of Flavette.  I managed to keep her from running in the building but I knew when we were about to stop for gas that I would not be able to keep her out of the convenience store.  She ran in.  I tried to wait it out so I could pretend she did not belong to me, but she took too long and I became worried so I went into the gas station to check on her and saw her at the counter.  I was very tempted to go to the back of the store and pretend that I had not seen her but relented and stood in line to pay for the gas and hoped that she would ignore me.  She was having a discussion with the cashier and told him she did not have enough money.  The man hollered did any one havethirty-four cents that they could give this little girl.  I immediately piped up with she’s mine and refuses to get her hair combed, was told not to come in the store with bath towels on her feet and is not allowed to get anything.  It must not have soaked in, a lady said I have 34 cents. I repeated myself.  My daughter left the store with no candy, and when we finally did get home she asked me to comb her hair. In addition my daughter’s main goal in life is to be a movie star she was born on Clint Eastwood’s and Brooke Shield’s Birthday, which was sort of ironic because Clint is my former husbands favorite movie star and he was fanatical about Clint and football.  Football season was what clinched the fact that we no longer wanted to be together.  In any event, my daughter was born on Clint Eastwood’s birthday, May 31 and this makes her a Gemini.  So you can get a clue of what I’m dealing with, the following celebrities are Geminis:Naomi Campbell, Angelina Jolie, Sir Laurence Olivier,  Stevie Nicks,  Henry Kissenger,  Josephine Baker, Tupac Shakur, Pam Grier, Marilyn Monroe, John Rivers, Prince, Miles Davis, Austin Powers, Sandra Bernhard,  Lisa Left Eye Lopes,  Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown, Donald Trump, Johnny Dep, and Paula Abdhul, I think I ‘ve named enough names for you to understand why the attendant at the local gas station asks me every time she sees my daughter is she still bad, because my daughter in her younger days used to manage to lay out in the middle of the outdoor gas station screaming, hollering, and kicking if I did not buy her a treat. Yes in her younger days she was bad, picnics where I hoped to network were spent prying my screaming daughter away from the attractions, because well the picnic was over and the people were trying to pull down the kiddie attractions.  In any event she is bad, she is a BADDDDDDDDDDDASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSlike the list of Geminis on the list above.  Finally she is also a literal genius in math and language arts. She scores at the top of the percentiles. 

I also hesitated to write about the FLDS because I am an awful housekeeper.  I can’t get anyone to do anything in my household.  Since our dishwasher decided to die I hand wash dishes, we have the circulon brand of pots, it’s the starter set but let me tell you circulon is much better than calphalon, I bought a calphalan muffin pan and baking sheet and after about four uses calphalan was no longer non-stick. I have had cirulon for about 6 months now and it’s still amazing.   In any event we have the circulon starter set which has two sauce pans a little one and a big one.  The other day I washed the larger sauce pan three times because every time I washed it my son would come and use it, it’s like he was waiting for me to wash the pan so he could mess it up.  Finally I just gave up trying to cook what I was going to cook a twenty five cent box of macaroni and cheese with tuna and peas dumped in it with plenty of butter and pepper.  I say all this to say I am a terrible house keeper. However my son is a good son, he is a sagittarius so he displays the male Sagittarius unique characteristic of ass kissing and being an ass-hole at the same time, in any event several famous male sagittarians are Brad Pitt, Donahue, John F. Kennedy Jr, Jay-Z, Bruce Leee, and Samuel Jackson. 

I hope it is understood why I would hesitate to discuss the FLDS case.  I have tried to ignore it but the final straw was seeing a photo on the Nancy Grace Show of their leader marrying and deeply kissing a girl that appeared to be no more than ten  at their apparent wedding.    I thought how disgusting I just knew that the Texas Supreme court was going to overturn a lower court decision to return the children back to the ranch; but they did not and are sending the children back to the ranch with the understanding that some limitations can be imposed and decisions can be made on a case by case basis.  The problem for me is that Jetts is a deity to them and when your deity is shown molesting a child, this must follow that FLDS members have no problem molesting children since this is the man they worship, he’s on the wall of their compound.  Children are therefore in an inherently dangerous situation by being there. This view is fully expored in this CNN Commentary  by Sonny Hoskins.

Furthermore the Supreme Court ruling that prepubescent children can be returned to their families is just not in line with current law which states that child sex offenders can not be around children period.  If they will molest an 11 year old with her period it’s also likely that they will molest a womanly looking seven year old.  It is my strong opinion that the children should  not be returned unless the women agree to move off of the ranch and not leave town and this is a condition I think the Supreme Court will uphold as a condition of their getting their children back. 

My big question in this issue is”Where are the Feminists who say they work for women’s rights?”; Where is Gloria Allred, the big time Feminist?  Are we only to see them when it involves an abortion issue, a woman hollering rape against a celebrity or a big name figure.  For me personally this is a feminist issue, one that they should be financing, sending attorneys to and watching very closely.  What happens with FLDS will affect all women and girls.  It will also determine the direction our country is taking in regards to women’s rights.  FDLS is fundamentally arguing that a woman does not have the right to her own body, her own Chasity and can be given to a man at any time.  FDLS is arguing that women and girls are at the mercy of men and have no option and choices.  Feminism will be a failure if feminists do not step in to make sure that young girls are protected and not left bare foot, pregnant, trapped and option-less in a world with so many possibilities.   This is a case where people who call themselves feminists should descend on the state of Texas and provide financing to take this case to the U.S Supreme Court if nescessary.  This case prevents far more of a threat to women then the right to an abortion.  The FLDS case threatens every woman in so many fundamental ways, such as the right to even have a child belong to you, the right to property , the right to vote etc. 

****According to the Chicago Tribune A state stutute can not be appealed to the U.S. Supreme court; I am sort of questioning this because some of the men putting the children in danger live beetween states, therefore making it a Federal issue; but I am not an expert.   


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