I Didn’t know R. Kelly Sang The Song “It Wasn’t Me”

In Crime on May 30, 2008 at 9:20 pm

Most People are familiar with R. Kelly and his ways.  We all know the Aliyah story he met her when she was twelve, supposedly mentored her and married her at fifteen.  The prior statements are facts that can not be denied.  The statements also indicate to me that R. Kelly has a proclivity and a love of young girls.  When a graphic video surfaced several  years ago of Kelly with a thirteen year old child I don’t think anyone in the universe doubted that it was Kelly in the video.

However I have often laughed at those public service announcements that say be careful what you do on the Internet because it might give you a reputation and destroy your life, my laughter has always occurred because even if someone has a million pictures and you say it’s not you, in my opinion there is no way anyone can say it is, especially as it applies to still photos.  Well Kelly has used my logic he says it’s not him.  If I were on the jury you would have to prove to me without a reasonable doubt that it was him on the tape based on what I’m hearing and reading this may not be possible for several reasons.

First of all when laughing at those be careful what you do commercials,  the thought did occur to me that you are doomed if your friends or enemies are with you in this picture they can attest to the fact that you appeared in the photo or the video then it’s sort of hard to say; “It wasn’t me”.  According to several sources Kelly’s defense is it wasn’t me, the alleged then thirteen now 23 year old woman is also alleging that it wasn’t her, but the there were three people in the video and the third person is claiming to have been in the video with R. Kelly and the under aged girl. 

According to the Chicago Sun Times,: 

“Earlier this month, the Sun-Times reported the Atlanta woman would testify she had a three-way sexual encounter with Kelly and the underage girl who allegedly appears in the videotape.”

 This according to my theory would mean guilty for R. Kelly.  However R. Kelly maintains  “it wasn’t me”.  He’s not the one on the video.  Unfortunately,according to an article in the Washington Post written by  AP Reporter MICHAEL TARM,  one of the main points of the case that the man on the tape could not be R. Kelly because the man in the tape did not have a mole on his lower back, was struck down by an FBI witness who clearly found a mole on the adult male in the video.   

Well all may not be lost for R. Kelly, some are reporting that the mysterious man that kept the Atlanta woman from testifying in the video may admit that he’s the man in the video.  THIS PART IS Just a Rumour I heard on the radio but forgot the web link. 

In any event I will keep a list of links on this post to the case. 

Slate has day by day coverage of the Trial

General Background on the Kelly Case

The R Kelly Trial Blog





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