Dean Sending Attack Dogs on Democratic Rules Committee

In Democratic Primary, democrats, politics, presidential primary on May 28, 2008 at 11:17 am

It was the assumption of most people following the Democratic Florida Michigan election controversy that the credentials committee of the Democratic Party would decide whether to accept Florida’s and Michigan’s delegates on the 31st of May.  However according to Yahoo and The Houston Chronicle Attorneys representing the Democratic Party have sent memos  to the credentials committee members on the 31st telling them what they should do.   Personally if I were Hillary Clinton I would still opt to put myself on the general Election Ballot and run as an independent.  It appears that Dean is on some sort of power play or kick.  He’s determined to rule something, and not represent the people who vote in the democratic primary.  Furthermore, I just have this feeling that the Obama campaign has interfered in this decision and it’s making me feel extremely uncomfortable.  Obama supporters prevented a revote and now from my feelings they are seeking to control the credentials committee.


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