Clinton Donor’s Keeping the Faith in Her Candidacy

In barack obama, Democratic Primary, democrats, Hillary Clinton, politics, presidential primary on May 28, 2008 at 5:02 am

Clinton lost me after the RFK comment.  While there are several reasons that she could have made the remarks, one being it had such a profound effect on her when she was twenty years old it’s constnatly in the back of her mind, and it is a unique case on terms of what to do.   I still believe the comment was a wishful thinking gaffe.  Obviously the Clinton Donors must be engaging in wishful thinking according to the San Francisco Chronicle, donors are still raising money for Hillary Clinton.  They hope that the rules will be broken. 

You know I have had sympathy for Hillary Clinton’s cause and do believe that the voters of Michigan and Florida should have been heard.  However, if voters are not allowed to vote in either state I beleive it should remain status quo.  The bottom line is if the voters really wanted a revote they would have demanded one and the excuse that Barack Obama and his suopporters were not open to a revote should not have detered anyone.  This would have been the fair thing to do and maybe it can be done but the voters should be heard in the right manner.  However barring a revote the rules shoulstand as is.  I weebled and wobbled on this issue however I remebered a tic tac toe game that I played with my  daughter when whe was in first grade.  I made the mistake of showing her how to win first and then olaying tic tac toe with her.  When two  people know how to play this game usually noone wins.  However my daughter came up with a new rule so she could be the winner she took her pencil and drew a C with three of her X moves and said I won.  I made a C.  For several weeks we would play and she would continue to make a C and I would tell her that she had not won but she refused to hear me.  Finally, I redused to play with her because of this she did not care she preceeded to play with herself after that.  As for me when it first happened I thought “wow” if I would have known that another way of winning was to make a c between the boxes I may have considered playing that way then again I may not have played at all.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about this tic tac toe game and I know realize that though the rules made by Dean are stupid.  Each candidate agreed to the rules  and prepared their campaign by the rules and to change them would be cheating. 



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