McCains Refusal to Vote for the GI Bill is Just Plain Mean

In Education, politics, republicans on May 27, 2008 at 9:35 pm

John McCain has evaluated and vetoed the Webb GI Educational Assistance Act  .  The act would provide free tuition up to the amount of the most expensive public college in the state and housing to service men who have served as Active Duty servicemen.  The amount would be based upon the amount of service given.  If a serviceman serves three years in the military which is a full tour of duty, the serviceman will receive four years tuition and board.  According to the bill the serviceman would not be eligible to receive funds from other federal programs.  For servicemen who choose to go to institutions that exceed the cost of a public college the federal government would match funds given by these institutions to the servicemen. 

John McCain in vetoing this bill has shown a very cavalier attitude and insensitive attitude towards the troops who protect our country in several ways.  The first way he has shown his disrespect and contempt for the troops is by not extending to the troops the same privileges and rights this country extended to him when he attended the Naval Academy.  Any student who attends a Federal Military Academy is extended free Tuition and Board for the entire time that they attend.  Therefore attendance at WestPoint, The Naval Academy, and The Air Force Academy is free.  John McCain did not pay a cent for his Military education and the refusal to grant servicemen who have already served our country the same right extended to those who have not ever served or country and may never serve our country is reprehensible and shameful. 

In addition, the argument that extendeding these benefits to GI’s for one tour of duty would reduce the troop ratio by 16%is just an awful argument.  If 16% of troops serve a full tour of duty and decide that they want to go and get an education the honest truth is maybe they did not want to be in the military in the first place and may have joined the military because they could not afford an education.  If they are willing to put their aspirations and desires on the back burner to serve their country, to literally risk their lives, there should be nothing their country would not do to reciprocate.  These are troops joining the military in the absence of a draft and they could literally lose their lives for this service.  This should be repayed. 

In addition if one were to really be concerned with the 16% of troop attrition that John McCain says that he’s concerned with, the terms of the Gi Educational Bill could possibly encourage more individuals to join the military.  Finally some people who join the military absolutely and positively do not want to pursue higher education this is why they chose to join the military. 

McCains veto of this bill brings up a very real concern that he does not have the compassion and concern for citizens of the United States that a President should possess.  His veto of the bill is a very cold action and a slap in the face to people who could die at any moment serving this country.  I suppose the question for McCain is what does he think the value of a life is.  Insurance companies that are sued because of loss of life often pay upwards of 200,000 dollars for a lost life and McCain obviously feels the value of a life is much less than this. 


  1. “If [servicemembers] are willing to put their aspirations and desires on the back burner to serve their country, to literally risk their lives, there should be nothing their country would not do to reciprocate.”

    First, your post ramble’s a bit. Second, since when do servemember’s deserve anything? That last time I checked they get PAID! It’s a job! For others, it’s a career. Pay ranges anywhere from a decent to an exceptional salary depending on rank. Plus, servicemembers get full health benefits that taxpayers like myself actually pay for. Furthermore, those benefits are extended to family members as well including subsidized housing.

    Do you honestly believe that military service creates some perpetual entitlement? We would all be stupid to not join the military if it becomes something like winning the lottery! But then, who would pay for it all?

    I’m damn proud of the family members of mine who serve in the military, but that’s the job they chose! I’m working my butt off in another career and don’t love American any less just because I haven’t served in the armed forces. I paid for my college. I paid for my graduate school. And I’m a patriotic American too.

    The servicemember’s get plenty enough for what they do, and we all help each other make America a better place. But they don’t deserve unlimited benefits simply because they wear the uniform. Cops and Firefighters risk their lives every day too, but that’s what they chose to do. Once servicemebers serve their terms, they need to work their butts off like the rest of us and not expect hand outs the rest of their lives.

  2. It seems to me that McCain’s proposal not only is better for service men and women, but far better for the military and the taxpayer. Rewarding service members based on length of service, as McCain proposes, not only is more fair, it promotes the all-volunteer force. The services have not had problems meeting recruiting goals. McCain’s proposal of having the benefits kick in after at lease one reenlistment benefits the military by inducing those trained to stay and helps retention. McCain also proposes allowing the benefit to be transferred among the service member’s family. We have a well-educated military today and McCain’s proposal would enable the service member who already has a college education to earn one for a child or spouse. All in all, McCain’s proposal is the far better one.

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