Why Did You say that Hillary? Clinton Raises Concerns that Obama Could be Assassinated “one of the Reasons She’s staying in the Race

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and one big reason Clinton should not be VP to Barack Obama.  In justifying why she should stay in the race until June. Clinton did a recitation of candidates that stayed in late and won and then she said something to the effect “Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June” she, says she meant no harm, and it was not directed towards Obama, but let me tell everyone this, I heard Obama’s name and it was not even mentioned.  Hillary you are married to the former president of the United States and I’m sure he still has assassination contacts who are from your perspective trying to get the job done.  In addition Huckabee’s public plea for someone to kill Obama by jumping on the ground like he was trying to dodge a bullet is proving that maybe Michelle Obama might have to reserve her pride in this country for the day her husband leaves the office of the president alive and well.  From an International perspective this is so embarassing, I was seriously doubting whether the UN needed to go forth with their plan to do a study of racism in the United States but now I am assured they must.  Finally, Hillary you have been jumping on so many peoples bandwagons, the white supremacists argument, the feminist argument I am seriously beginning to think that you have totally lost it.  It is my full belief that any human who runs for president is a crazy egomaniac but the past field of presidential candidates are getting their egos bruised because they have lost, are losing or will lose to a man that is the color brown.  The Clinton and Huckabee attitudes prove that there is no blood argument for who should be first in the white house a person of slave descent or a person of native Kenyan descent with a white American mother.  The threshold for the rich white people who want to have power and keep power is that they just don’t want a man who is the color brown or black to be in the White House.  I was born after the sixties and have gone through many election cycles and I have never heard a political candidate threatened as much as Obama, I have never even heard of  any one even implying that a political candidate could be assassinated.  I don’t think I ‘m going to change my mind again this time, I don’t think there is anything Hillary Clinton can do to make me want to support her anymore.

This is the one thing I do know Obama will not be assassinatedeven though there seems to be this massive racists call for someone to do something about it.  I have realized that Obama’s is winning because he’s an Eagle he flies higher.  The thing he, his family and his supporters  need to do is  not give off the energy that something could happen to him, know that he will live that nothing will happen and believe it.  The media has to stop reporting this stuff because they are stirring up some primal call that is not going to happen.  Hillary I think you may seriously need to retire to your rocker because it’s looking like you will do anything to be president and that’s not good.  I think at this point I’m going to have to let you go, and wear my Obama T-Shirt tomorrowt to indicate my solidarity with a movement that insists upon change.  At this juncture I have no choice but to be an Obama supporter.  There is no where else to go. 

  1. If Obama were elected president and subsequently assassinated, this country would explode with race riots worse than what we saw in the 60s and 90s. The tension here would be crazy and might lead to another civil war.

  2. well what clinton said is true. Obama has a much bigger chance of being assassinated then her or mccain.

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Gravure!!

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