MCcains Prospective Running Mates Show A profound Lack of Understanding of Why Obama is so Popular

In conservatives, mitt romney, politics, presidential race, republicans on May 22, 2008 at 12:40 pm

The media is buzzing about McCains meeting with three perspective running mates and none of them are black.  There are several Republican black hopefuls that could be added to the list the Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, and Condelleeza Rice (who says she’s not interested) to name two.    McCain in not trying to give Americans no alternative but to break the racial barrier is failing to give himself a decided advantage over Barack Obama by allowing the American people to affirm to themselves that they are not voting for Barack Obama because he’s black but because he’s shown a decidedly unpatriotic streak that another black contender does not have, if MCcain can manage to find a black candidate that is articulate, well liked, and accomplished than he has a good chance of winning the general election.  A large part of the electorate is looking to assuage their guilt because of discrimination and our history of slavery by voting for Obama.  The media is exploiting the class issuse so strongly becuase they are telling certain people that in not voting for Barack Obama they have not transcended race and are not sophisticated enough to vote for a black man.  If McCain can find a patriotic, Christian black running mate that can be juxtaposed with Obama this will be the key to winning the general election of 2008.  A straight up failure to acknowledge that the United States is ready to make a symbolic gesture of a woman or a black will surely end up in McCain’s failure to be President.  Barack Obama is extremely charismatic and is willing to ride out issues that would make a different man give up.  As for putting up an Indian for Vice President, McCain ignores a lot of facts regarding the racial pecking order in this country.  As for a Mormon, Romney grew up in a polygamist family and what’s going on with the FCLD in Texas or whatever they are called would strongly make Romney a sitting Duck for attacks.  However as formally stated on this blog it can not be denied that Romney appears to be a racist as well as a male chauvinist pig and in this election cycle this might be what people who are looking to go the complete opposite way of progress ie. a black or a woman may wish to go,  I seriously doubt they make up enough of a majority to discount the economic situation in this country and be a die hard racist.  Some people who are hopeless would like to at least make a symbolic vote for a different social order to show that even though things may not change their vote has helped to change a little of the status quo .  However the media has not been as hard on Romney and his background as the blogosphere may be.  Finally Charlie Crisp, the most striking thing I’ve seen about Crisp is he has extremely striking good looks competitive in looks  with  how Obama looks on TV and he seems to have a personality that is as sunny as the Florida skys but the article I’ve just read in the New York Times indicates that he may be a little bit too Law and Order for the times we live in.  “Don’t taze me bro” is literally my motto. 

  1. Democratic hype is based on anti-Bush, anti-Republican, some contend, anti-American rhetoric. Positive, pro-America Democratic plans are difficult to discover, if not completely overwhelmed by the negative perspectives promulgated.

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