Memo To Michelle Obama: Toughen Up Sweetie Chron.commons | – Houston Chronicle

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Chron.commons – Houston Chronicle

The above link is an opinion article that discusses Obama’s defense of his wife Michelle on GMA regarding the Republican ads repeating Michelle’s words that she was not proud of her country. Coming from Texas it is truly a memo. Chicago plays tough but when Texas plays tough the whole world hears about it. The Obama’s really need to toughen up a lot, the language Obama used in the interview was very much dictator like, ie. “I will not tolerate” could have literally been the words “off with their heads” “to the dungeons” they insulted my wife. Obama may speak to people within his campaign like this, but the last time I checked powerful people did not have the power to send an FBI detail on folks, call the police on them, sic the NSA on them, or do various actions that presidents have the power to do because they felt insulted by a commercial or the press. If he does this he will only be mimicking the corrupt regimes that aleady exist on a continent where the majority of heads of state are black.

If he does this I want every caucasion person to know that this man is not a descendant of a slave, he does not carry the same pain and the same blood as the majority of blacks of the diaspora meaning blacks that were brought here as slaves. Furthermore the majority of these diaspora blacks be they living in the United States, Jamaica, Haiti, Brazil or other places where slavery was once legal can not be blamed if Obama starts to show tyranical behvior once he becomes President. It is sad to say but Obama could return to Kenya now and be the President there if he so chose. None of us African hybrids of the Americans have a country to return to that we can be president of, this is our country and we have voluntarily give up our birthright to a native African. So don’t blame us if you feel a little likc you’re in a Puppet regime if and when Obama is elected. It’s in his blood.

  1. I think Obama should give up his Kenyan citizenship–he’s running for US president. I too think it is interesting that the first black man to have a shot at the presidency is actually the descendant of immigrants, not enslaved people. It proves something about the legacy of slavery and Obama doesn’t suffer the institutionalized racism that other black people face. There have been many African American leaders who are descendants of the diaspora who were more qualified than Obama.

  2. Didn’t you know that Obama has the honor of being made
    in Selma, Ala. by his momma and daddy!

  3. Actually Fannie what the previous commentor means is that Barack Obama’s father is Kenyan and therefore Barack Obama is the son of a black immigrant from Kenya therefore making him the son of an immigrant. The majority of African Americans in North and South America are from West Africa not East Africa where Barack Obama is from. So for Black Americans to take credit for Barack Obama is literally equivalent to a Asiatic Russian taking credit for the acts of a person from Japan. It’s pretty farfetched. Barack Obama is American but his American side is from his white mother. Personally, I am crediting Obama as white for this election and maintaining that African Americans descendants of slaves have still never been represented in the white house and I am still waitinig for this representation. For me this is huge; Randall Robinson and others have written extensively about the accomplishments and contributions of African Americans to United States Society, it is pretty pathetic when the majority of descendants of these people don’t know the difference between a direct descendant of slaves and the son of a Kenyan immigrant. “This is a lot of missed hitory by all Americans”, However the majority of United States citizens know the difference between a white Jew, an Italian, and an Anglo Saxon white man who’s descendants are from the UK. A Jewish man has never been president of the United States, I am unsure about an Italian, and it was major news when an Irish man was elected president. There is a difference between blacks and to pretend that there is not is to remit the majority of blacks back to ignorant slave status. – Furthermore, from what I understand Barack Obama was concieved and born in the state of Hawaii. As for the misunderstanding concerning what actually did not happen in Selma, You can read about it like I just did to refresh my memory of the Selma embellishments at this link:

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