Kentucky Gives Hillary Clinton More than a Moral Win “If Hillary is not the Nominee the Democrats Will Lose”

In barack obama, democrats, politics on May 20, 2008 at 10:00 pm

At the beginning of the day a thought occurred to me.  According to the Obama campaign, the media, and the democratic party Barack Obama has the democratic nomination locked up; I immediately thought,  if Hillary Clinton wins Kentucky big the voters of Kentucky who are aware that Obama has the nomination supposedly locked up are trying to give the democratic party a huge message.  The message is they are not voting for Barack Obama in the November.  When individuals constantly hear over and over that there person of choice can not win.  The natural inclination is to give up  and not show up.  In showing up and not voting for Obama these voters are sending a very loud message that they will not be voting for Obama in November.  Obama has established himself as King of the Caucases but when hundreds and less turn out out of hundreds of thousands to pick a nominee; the winning candidate unless they are the landslide victor has a problem.  The democratic party has a big problem

As much as people would like to call people who vote for Hillary racists.  The sad truth is that they are not.  The only true racists in this election seem to be Obama and Geraldine Ferraro.  They are the ones with the problems.  People are calling Hillary and Bill racists for comments yet Obama sat and heard racists comments against whites for twenty years and he’s supposed to be clean,  This is hypocritical and as far as the media attempts to make voting for Obama some sort of strange strange status symbol they only illuminate what’s so wrong in this country and why Johnny can’t read.  I have met college graduates who could not write, spell and speak standard English and high school dropouts who wrote like Pulitzer Prize winners.    As we watch the taking of the democratic nomination by brokerage by ritualistically eliminating Florida (The path to the White House seems intent on disenfranchising Florida), the ignoring of incidents and associations that would have knocked a white man out of this game, we will remember this day as the day the democrats marched to failure. 

  1. ahh, is this the new spin we will see tomorrow? A “Moral” win?! Can you please get over it and accept some humility? Or is Hillary too close to Bill? and why didn’t see walk out of that “house” [church] years ago?!

    Keep moving the goal posts, spinning it a 1000 ways to sunday.

    I am tried of this arrogance!

    Why has she not “apologized” in one shape or another for her vote to authorize war?

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