Iran Has Come A Long Way Baby

In economy, Education, Muslims, politicians, politics, presidential race on May 20, 2008 at 1:30 am

Press TV

After considering the blog I wrote several days ago concerning U.S. policy towards the Middle East and linking to a New York Times article that stated the Saudis blamed the Iranians for pre 911 terrorist attacks on the U.S. I really had to reconsider how Innocent the Saudi Arabians are in terms of terrorist attacks and how guilty the Iranians are. Personally it’s pretty strange that practically every terrorist attack all around the world involves a Saudi citizen, whereas almost none of these attacks involve Iranian citizens. The lesson for me is that the Saudis most be teaching a systematic hate of the United States where evidently the Iranians are not giving the United States a thought and are busy trying to contribute to the International Economy. I am not a Middle East Scholar so I may have to read a lot more to understand the issue, but at first glance the problem appears to be the Saudi’s maybe the United States needs to slow down a lot on Saudi Arms sales and consider talking to the Iranians more for it seems like their priorities and their culture in terms of getting ahead and what’s important might be a lot more compatible than what the Saudi society espouses. I do know that the Iranians have a more liberal policy towards the rights of women than the Saudis. Furthermore as evidenced by this American language news site linked to above from Iran, gone are the days when Iran will declare Jihad against someone who insults their culture and society. In addition their Prime Minister has gone over and above the call of duty to initiate peace between the U.S. If I were an American diplomat, before I ever held hands with another Saudi Prince I would definitely try to make peace with Iran. Then again maybe I just don’t know the whole story, but Iran is obviously not a society where people are obsessed with getting their thirteen virgins in heaven which makes me think that if they were to get the Nuclear bomb, they would play the nuclear arms game like everyone else.


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