“Why did Babs Came Clean About a Thirty Year Affair” The Obama Factor

In barack obama, democrats, politics, Race on May 19, 2008 at 10:10 pm

One day I was speaking to a friend or maybe a former friend who happens to be an Obama supporter on the phone.  With many people I speak with these days it has been my policy not to speak about the presidential race especially with my elderly mother who is an avid Obama supporter who calls the campiagn on the phone giving them tips, tells her brother to email the campaign because I will not, and is literally ready to come to blows when anyone even says a hint negative about Obama.  To emphasize  how sensitive she is, one of the news shows did a segment about the drug border war in Mexico and she claimed the news media was picking on Obama.  I had to pointedly tell her that they had not mentioned Obama’s name ,and that the war was so bad that college students who usually went to Mexico for spring break could not go because the war was so bad, the net result is according to her they were still picking on Barack Obama.  I have found myself having to turn the news off for dear old mom because anytime “Obama” is criticized she starts screaming at the TV and blows her blood pressure up. 

In any event the above description was a vast divergence from what I want to talk about.  I was speaking to another Obama supporter who is just as obsessed with Obama, and I asked her a question about Barabara Walters.  I asked her the following, “Do you think Barbara Walters came out with the information about her affair at this time to imply that Barack Obama was not being faithful to Michelle Obama and could be involved in an interracial relationships.  Well the women called me the devil and hung up on me. 

However, personally I have wondered why Barbara Walters chose such a time to come out with this information. For me personally, she’s saying Obama can’t possibly be being faithful to Michelle Obama, she’s just window dressing.  However, from the looks of New York politics today.  The joke may honestly be on Barbara.  It is pretty evident in the body language displayed by Elliott Spitzer and his wife that they were in love with each other but Elliott just could not keep his   hands out of the cookie jar.  It is evident that the newest Governor of New York has never kept his hands out of other women’s panties and does not intend to.  As for Michelle and  Barack Obama, I don’t know how Obama feels about her because I have seen too many cases where the man Barack Obama who would be and probably will be president literally grovels like a dog at the feet of his Michelle.  It really makes me think that she puts on the leather, cuffs him to the bed and pulls out the whip.  Despite the other rumours I really don’t think there is much room in this relationship for adultery.  Barack Obama seems so sanctimonious I would really be surprised if he were committing adultery, almost as surprised as the whole of New York was to find out that Spitzer was committing adultery. 

Back to “Babs”

Your Senator did get a divorce and did not have an overwhelming desire to track you down and make you his bride.  The fact that you have written about this incident frankly puts you in the category of the now Cambridge Scholar Monica Lewinsky, but she was between 18 and 21 this is her excuse for telling Linda Tripp that she had a carnal relationship with the President of the United States.  What’s your excuse Barabara for revealing an affair that put you in the category of spitzers prostitute, or the now sitting Governor’s of New York probably over ten mistresses.  Hush I know what it is it’s a slight case of Alzheimer’s, somewhere I read that you talked about his handsome mulatto looks, maybe just maybe when you are relating this affair you see Obama, Barack Obama and who know’s in your alzie dreamstate you might knock on his door one night. 


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