The Dems will manage to lose this election Secret Tape of Michelle Obama using racist remarks! "Double Standards"

In barack obama, Democratic Primary, democrats, politics, presidential primary, Race on May 16, 2008 at 4:15 pm

Michelle Obama Rumor « Nah, Nope, Not Quite

If a white person had all of this racial stuff chasing them they would have dropped out of the race by now. However apparently the liberal media believes in a double standard.

Rumours are hot that their is a tape with Michelle Obama railing against “whitey”. Obama drop out! Your senatorial opponent dropped out with scandal but obviously you won’t!

  1. Obama will not lose to McCain. Americans do not want 4 more years of $4 gas, double-digit inflation, and foreclosures.

  2. News flash Ahmnodt: the government has nothing to do with the cost of gas, inflation, or foreclosures. Gas ain’t going down in price in our lifetimes, and because of it, inflation will be a problem, too. Gas prices are up because China, India and other countries have become car-crazy, and because our traditional suppliers, like Mexico, are coming up empty. Lower supply and increased demand mean increased prices.

  3. It’s all perception. If people voted on facts, they would have quit voting for the two parties a long time ago.

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