Obama Takes Credit for passage of the Bipartisan Farm Bill but he was absent from the vote In addition: “Would the Media Please stop the Crotch Video of Barack Obama”

In barack obama, Democratic Primary, democrats, politics, presidential primary, Race on May 16, 2008 at 5:11 pm

Defying President Bush, Senate Passes Farm Bill – New York Times

I could have sworn that Obama mentioned the farm bill as shall I say one of the accomplishments that he supported. The status of Barack Obama during the farm vote was absent according to this NewYork Times article.  Obama waxed hard about his support of the rural folks through the passage of this bill, how they deserved it, how great they were etc. and HE WAS NOT EVEN THERE.  These are the antics that Momma Michelle had to deal with when he had to pay off a million ticket that he had gotten at least fifteen years ago when he was attending Harvard Law School.   They were paid just before he ran for office. Teenage College lies and untruths or lets just say truthiness.

The other issue surrounding Barack Obama is that he used the word sweeie.  This is not as irritating as the fact that the media keeps giving us crotch shots of barack and focusing on his behind.  “Enough Already”





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