Bill and Hill: Black People a Means to an end

In barack obama, Democratic Delegates, Democratic Primary, democrats, Hillary Clinton, politics, presidential primary, Race on May 12, 2008 at 8:23 pm

You know people discuss all that Bill Clinton did for black people.  The truth is that as evident in how they are fighting to get in the white house.  Black People did an awful lot for Bill and Hill they voted for them.  This is why they were able to do something for black people.  It is pretty evident that black people were a means to an end for Bill and Hill.  If they really cared deeply for black people as they claimed to Hillary Clinton would drop out of the race and let black people have a black president.  They were cheated out of having a black vice presidential nominee of Jesse Jackson in the eighties and obvioulsy the democrats lost.  Neither democrat will get the “real” evangelists or values voters who seem to be making the difference for the republicans because of they both are heavy supporters of abortion.   In addition black people are not the only ones sho support Barack OBama, Everybody supports him.   I have come to the conclusion that Barack Obama played the game fairly, he played the game to win.  This is generational change.  This generation is not afraid of color.  If Hillary Clinton gets the nomination, I will be a very public protester.    Bill and Hill need to leave the dirty tricks at home.  We all know that the popular vote will not win an election, it is the number of delegates you have.  At this point Hillary Clinton needs to leave gracefully, no elected super delegate is going to risk their office to see Barack Obama cheated out of what is rightfully his.  White people say they hate affirmative action, Hillary Clinton should stop asking for it. 


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