Hillary, It’s Time to Woman Up and Prepare to Leave the Race

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I have tried to stand by Hillary Clinton through thick and through thin because I believe/possibly believed that she is a good woman and a qualified candidate. I am completely objective so most of the time class, racial, economic issues do not have a bearing on my judgement of character, I once took a career aptitude test long ago that said my personality was so objective that a suggested career path for me was a judge. With all of that said, I am going to say the following I do not believe that Hillary Clinton should drop out of the race because she trails Obama, this is something that could have been dealt with with a good old fight to seat Florida and Michigan delegates as well as an appal to the Superdelegates that she had a level head and was more qualified to lead us through these extremely tough times we live in. However lately with every word that comes out of her mouth it’s apparent to me that she does not possess the sound judgement to lead this country.

A President is supposed to want to represent ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL OF THE TIME

I first got a strong whiff of shall I say racism when Former President Clinton said something to the effect of so what if Barack Obama won South Carolina, Jesse Jackson did too. I was appalled when I heard this because I immediately recognized Clinton was saying that a black man could not win. I however remembered that the Clinton’s had solved the National debt and put some good programs on the table that helped everyone and continued to support Hillary Clinton, also because of the abortion issue with Barack Obama. Bill Clinton said another thing that struck me as strange that “Barack Obama was living in a Fairy Tale” At the time I thought that people were over reacting and “living in a fairy tale” was referencing the extremely white glove treatment the media was giving Barack Obama; however as the race has gone on and I have heard Senators Clinton’s repetitive reference to the fact that she represents Blue Collar and White Americans, I am beginning to believe that the Fairy Tale Comment was alluding to Obama’s race and for the record I want to respond by saying that any black person who meets the criteria for running for President, by being over 35, of sound mind, and not a felon, is not living in a Fairy Tale for Thinking they could win the Presidency. Finally, the next oddity regarding the Clinton’s was the trotting out of Geraldine Ferraro who said if Obama were a white man he would not have gotten that far in the election, and I have echoed the same in this blog but the caveat is if Hillary were a white man with her credentials she would have not have gotten this far, as a matter of fact if she had been a white man she probably would have been laughed out of running for any political office as a sissy running in the coat tails of his wife. In addition as I read about Geraldine Ferraro I learned that she had deep sixed Jesse Jackson’s run for the vice presidency in 1984 or 1988 at the convention therefore resulting in a failing team of Mondale and Ferraro. I think Ferraro succeeded in deadening the ticket immediately as it was revealed that she was a former substance abuser.

A Badly Run Campaign

Hillary Clinton literally had the keys to the White House in her hand. She and Bill Clinton had left the white house and by the time they left the National Debt was eradicated, the economy was good, they had created jobs, and kept gas prices and food prices low. Bill Clinton had been a strong and a good leader and by the end of his terms left office as the Black Person’s best friend. It was very disappointing to realize during Hillary Clinton’s run for office that accentuating the positive would not be the strategy that would be used. I have written to the campaign and I said all you have to do is keep reciting the positive aspects of the Clinton years and you will win. All you have to do is state that you will continue most of the positive strategies that were used in the Clinton administration and you will win. Hillary Clinton and Gore obviously don’t think there were any or did not remember the good times of Clinton years and chose the dangerous path of trying to reinvent the wheel. I think failure to know how to Follow Bill Clinton has resulted in this dismal losing campaign. The Hillary Clinton presidential campaign is beginning to look a lot like H. Clinton’s first stab at a Universal Health Care plan it should have gone through and if you would have had to bet on it going through you would have placed your bet on Hillary and you would have lost, the Health Care Plan, did not go through, however the big caveat is that Laura Bush’s education plan did go through and make no mistake it was Laura’s plan and desire for this bill to go through. The tenets come straight from the observers point of view 1. I see really intelligent children who are just not being taught, they are being left behind. 2. I wish these children could go to quality schools like more affluent children maybe this may make the difference. etc. etc. etc. This is why the education bill was put through on day one of the Bush administration because Mrs. Bush wanted it to be put though and was willing to make it a presidential issue not a first lady issue. I say all of this to say to Hillary Clinton that sometimes you have to sit back and let others do the work for you. They will get the job done. However, Bill was not the man to run her campaign as evident in his racist comments, Bill’s Campign manager James Carville is wise enough and aware enough to have given Hillary what she wanted the Presidency but she chose to blaze her own path when everyone knows that the quickestwas to success is through imitation. Finally, the time are different and when I saw Benazhir Bhutto’s assasination I sort of knew that Hillary Clinton would not win because these are different times and what worked yesterday does not work today. Benazhir erred by sticking her head out of the van, she erred in her arrogance that she could control the situation. In the society we live in no one person can conrol everything, you have to let go, in the words of Hillary Clinton “It takes a Village” , Barack Obama has a Village

In Closing

Hillary Clinton I honestly do believethat ii is time for you to say goodbye and let Obama do the work he has to, to try and win, I personally I am holding out for McCain Rice but any superdelegate worth their salt and their elective position does not want to see you win through superdelegate votes because what this means is that they have to go back to their hometown and have people look at them as the person who may have voted for the woman who claims to be the voice of the working class and the white folks, when frankly that has always been the cry of the republicans. However democrats since the late 60’s have been the voice of minorities, the liberals, the poor, the working class, the technologists, and others. Hillary your message just is not getting through, and I seriously doubt that Super Delegates are going to risk committing political suicide by voting for you. HILLARY IT”S TIME TO GET OUT OF THE RACE STOP MAKING BILLS FOR YOU AND BILL GET OUT, AT THIS POINT YOUR RUN HAS BECOME A RICH LADY’S WHIM!

  1. I read this and felt the need to point out a few things. First of all, Bill Clinton did not say Barack Obama was a fairy tale. The press really enjoys misleading people by misquoting and partially quoting people to fan the flames but it isn’t what he said. He said that the idea that Barack Obama was somehow the big anti-war candidate of this race was a fairy tale. His reference to this was very specific. VERY specific.
    I also wanted to say that the furor over Hillary’s latest remarks– which were sort of fascinating given that she had to know this would happen– were not inherently racist. She isn’t saying that he can’t win because he is black. She didn’t even cite a reason why white, working class voters are choosing her– ad I think perhaps she should have been more clear– but that aside, Sen. Obama is not losing the white working class vote because they are all a bunch of racists. Sen. Clinton knows this. What she is tying to point out, though rather unsuccessfully, is that Sen. Kerry and Sen. Gore are both white and they didn’t appeal to these voters, either. Sen. Obama’s message is his problem. Talking about systemic change in Washington simply does not appeal to working class voters. It is not so much that they are racist (though some of them are) but that they are uninterested in the historical significance of having a black president, just as they have no real interest in the historical significance of a female president. To care about those things, you have to be either black, female, or wealthy enough that economic problems don’t affect you quite so personally. Sen. Clinton’s message of experience appeals to working class, white voters because they want to vote for someone they know will get things done for them. They are scared about what this economy means for them. This is not insignificant because these voters are the voters who are most likely to switch back and forth between the Republican and Democratic Parties. When Democrats use messages that largely resonate more with well educated, upper middle class voters, they lose working class voters. This is why the Democratic Party keeps losing the White House. It is not a small point. The point is to win this thing isn’t it?
    Do we really believe that a woman who spent her life doing the things she is doing is racist? A woman who worked to organize students at college to monitor the trials of black panther party members to ensure that their civil rights were not violated?
    Do we still believe Bill Clinton is racist when he called up his longtime friend Jesse Jackson to make sure he had not offended him and Jesse Jackson just laughed and basically said something to the affect of “No. You and I both know what’s going on here.” Isn’t it rather unfair to suggest that the Clintons shouldn’t acknowledge that she probably can’t do very well with black voters against Sen. Obama when clearly she can’t? They don’t seem to begrudge this and why should they? Is there something wrong with black voters being excited about his candidacy? It’s not like they are voting for some Joe Nobody just because he is black. They are voting for Barack Obama and they have plenty other good reasons to vote for him besides his race. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t get to be a factor in their decision. Diversity of representation in government matters. Is Geraldine right? Nope. Sorry but there are a lot more factors in this election besides race, so she is dead wrong–but to suggest that Hillary told her to say it is not only unfounded but fairly obviously not the case. She cannot control what people say any more than Sen. Obama can.
    Sorry to be longwinded. Just my thoughts.

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