Propoganda and the Media: When College Educated does not mean "Educated"

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The United States has a stinky little economic problem and one reason is becuase well the quality of the work force is just not up to par. Many people are self concioulsy getting degrees from any entity out there and wearing it like some huge gold icon arround their necks when the fact is that they have not been classically educated to be critical thinkers. Why do I say this? I say this because I have watched the elctorate cycle be manipulated by the media this whole election cycle. The media crafted an Obama voter and said rich people and blacks vote for Obama, educated folks and blacks vote for Obama when the honest truth is that people who vote for Obama appear to be individuals who have not been trained to be critical thinkers and this scares me and if we continue to go down this road the United States economy will be worth one penny.

Why do I say this?

Well I think that it’s become pretty obvious to many that Obama is not loyal to this country unless as Michelle Obama says he becomes elected president and then she and probably she speaks for him they can finally be proud of this country. Well if they don’t win I suppose they will go somewhere in a hole somewhere and plot with the former members of weather underground on how to blow up the next building. Well since he probably will get the nomination becasue according to the media anyone who does not support the views GOD DAMN AMERICA is uneducated, blue collar, drinks beer and is just so tres unchic. I suppose you can compare supporting Obama to purchasing a high class mood ring, a pet rock, or even a rubriks cube, if you do not support Obama according to the media you are definitely not in or maybe just maybe you can not afford to get a fill up at the pumps therefore you should vote for weather underground and reverend wright because if you don’t you are low class, poor, and uneducated.

Not by the color of their Skin but by the Content of their Character

These are some of the most profound words uttered by a man, a great man Martin Luther King Jr. as far as black people are concerned as it relates to Barack Obama they have no concious. If this were the segregated south and blacks were whites. The black people supporting Barack Obama would surely be the ones standing idly by as white people were left lynched hanging from a tree. Over and over they have ignored the character of Obama making their lives and their work sand castles that are easily washed away with the Obama wave. The largest sand castle in this Obama wave most definitely would be the Black Church. Obama not only was a passionate supporter of third term abortion, but according to a nurse who worked to outlaw third term abortion, Obama worked towards preventing the outlawing of the ban against this procedure that involves cracking the skull of a fetus and sucking it out of its mother’s womb, and if it’s still alive when it comes out of the womb it is hit in the heart with a stake to fully kill it. THIS IS WHAT THE BLACK CHURCH OVERWHELMINGLY SUPPORTS; I SUPPOSE THIS CALLS INTO QUESTION IS THE BLACK CHURCH A SOCIAL CLUB OR DOES IT FULLY FOLLOW THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS CHRIST, OR EVEN BELIEVE IN THE COMMANDMENT THOUGH SHALL NOT KILL I suppose if we examine some of the pathology in the black community could we find that based on their overwhelming support of an individual who supported the killng of live fetuses that the black church fails in leading their flock because they are not truly cognizant of what Christianity stands for. A religious leader who has no moral compass can not lead a flock into leading normal productive lives but can only produce a flock that has his or her same qualities. It’s a little like the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints, the leader of this group only perpetuates his flawed worldview unto his flock and this is what the black church has done with their dogged support of a man who hates America, is for the worst kind of abortion, and is a former if not current drug abuser. The Black church has in it’s support for Obama has shown that they are not better then the leaders of the Catholic church when they refused to excommunicate Hitler, and he still has not been excommunicated. These religious leaders are showing why only the bible says a remnant will go to heaven, why Jesus had to literally reform the Church and take it away from corrupt men.

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