Can We Calculate the Cost Of Intellectual Capital Evaluating the World Trade Center Disaster and It’s effect on Our Economy

In Uncategorized on May 1, 2008 at 7:38 am

As we look at the soaring costs of goods and services in the United States, it is slowly maybe too slowly dawning on the overall population that the cost of goods and services are rising due to competition for scarce goods and services such as food and fuel. However,  the most dramatic cause of high prices in the Uriited States is due to the falling dollar.  All of our lives we have looked perplexed as we would hear about 1,000 third world dollars being the equivalent of one U.S. dollars, we never thought that we would be that person.  I watched as we calculated the dollars of Paul McCartney’s divorce settlement from British Pounds to U.S. dollars and at that time it was 2 British pounds was the equivalent of 1 U.S. Dollar.  We had suddenly become the first World Country with the embarrassing comical currency problem.

There are several reasons why the dollar has fallen, some of them are advances in technology, non taxation of the internet which turns into shipping dollars, world competition for goods and services, mismanagement of the economy, a credit based society, and of course no more of the genius Alan Greenspan running the Fed.  I ended with Alan Greenspan because I would like to speculate that the loss of a multgenerational pool of financial talent that the United Staes sustained during the World Trade Center Disaster could contribute significantly to the fall of the dollar.  If one person, Alan Greenspan can keep the United States Economy in check for close to twenty years than the loss of even 100 star financial analysts could have a devastating effect on the United States.  This is just a theory that I am putting out there, but to further explore it I am going to dedicate a couple of hours of internet research to finding out and linking to articles and profiles about the victims of the WTC holocaust.  I am speculating that this overview may shed light on why are economy appears to be the victim of an unbelievable disaster also.    The next couple of blog entries will examine this theory further. 


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