Update: Teacher Car Slammer Update

In Uncategorized on April 14, 2008 at 2:46 pm

In my last blog posting I mentioned something about being slammed at least five times by a person with educator tags driving a huge truck, that in response to my telling her that she had hit me so many times that we should call the police, told me to go ahead and call the police because she was in good with them, they were her friends. Well I honestly never dreamed that when someone hits your car they are going to leave a mark but I checked just out of curiosity today and that huge truck left a visible white/silverish dent in my car. This dent is something that the police officer would have had to have seen. The truth folks is the police officer lied. I don’t know maybe the woman is sleeping with someone really important in the police department in any event for Georgia residents who may run into this woman. Please do not park beside her Mammoth Light Colored Dinosaur truck, and since I was there first if she parks beside you move immediately because she does not care that she’s beating smaller vehicles up. She will definitely dent you. The Lic. PLate of this person is Georgia Educator EO796G or ED796G. This women’s irresponsibility with her huge truck makes me want to petition for legislation that vehicles over a certain size have to park in the Large Truck area and should not park with regular sized vehicles because of the damage that they can and do do to regular vehicles. This woman did not have just a regular sports utility vehicle several of those came and went and never hit my car this woman had a monster truck that should be riding around in an arena jacked up up to the ceiling with big fat wheels.


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