911 is an Extreme Joke in my town Neighborhoods, Muslims and Empty Houses

In Dekalb County, Georgia, Muslims, Neighborhoods, Poverty, The PO PO, The Police on April 12, 2008 at 3:03 pm

You know there used to be a popular song called 911 is a joke in your town. Today for various reasons I saw that 911 is an untrustworthy and unreliable number in my part of Dekalb County Georgia. It has become such a joke in my eyes that when I hear Police or Po PO stories from fellow citizens I urge them to blog about their experiences with the police which is turning into a Stephen King Book that I am currently reading called Desperation and the connection so far with this modern Horror story which I am not particularly into modern Horror because it is a little to bloody for me I prefer ghosts and vampires; In any event from what I’ve read about so far it’s about this crazy sheriff who plants marijuana on any individual that comes remotely near the town and puts them in jail, kills anyone he wants, and basically makes up the rules as he goes, in essence throwing the book out the window. While my police story is not a Stephen King novel I have been shown consistently over and over in the town that I live in that the folks riding around in blue or grey cars appear not to have any rules to govern them besides the rules of the IQ of a southern state that ranks between 47th and 49th in education. I have seen rules and policies announced on TV that would appear to be against the constitution and against the rights of citizens proudly touted on TV, an example being their new citizen phone system where a key person in the community is given a phone number to call officer friendly whenever they feel that there is a problem, Georgia being between 47th and 49th in education there is no speculating on who this may be, a drinking buddy, a relative, a lover -whatever, The Sheriff was shot in my town by another Sheriff. I thought about this policy today as I waited for my young daughter and her friend to come out of the dollar store housed beside the $5 dollar pizza house which I had already decided not to patronize after running into a grade school buddy in there who I did not like and after yesterday and watching people promenade up and down the walkway opening pizza boxes and eating the pizza as they walked in and out of stores in the strip mall I am questioning whether I will even go to this strip mall again. This feeling is further confirmed by a visitor to five dollar pizza haven who drove up in a humongous truck opened the door and promptly preceded to knock the crap out of my I’m glad, I’m small can get a parking space in the city vehicle. As the door swung open a young man hopped out and preceded to open the door for another person who knocked my car again, then I thought he was trying to be nice by buffering himself between the car and the truck so he would not hit again bang again, and as soon as he preceded to move I realized that he had been laying against the mirror and my mirror which is bendable jumped back into place after his rest on it. They enter five dollar pizza heaven. I steam. Finally they walk out and I hear the little guy who tried to protect my little car suggesting that rather than hit my car, they should back out obviously the driver nixes this idea and instead of the car protector coming FAT BOY emerges and precedes to bang my door, I try to hop out of my car and accidentally bang their door. The driver a woman runs around and hollers at me for banging her door. I finally tell her maybe it’s necessary for us to dial 911 and file a police report. The response this woman gives me is go ahead I have many friends in the police department. 911 IS A JOKE IN MY TOWN !!!!! I respond with well I’ll send your license number to the chief and let him know that you are above the law. She leaves, since I am waiting for little girls, and the last thing I want is to enter the store to go get the children from dollar heaven. Several cars go in and out of the parking lot before I am forced to tell the girls that time is up; I want to add that not one car has hit my vehicle since the truck has left the parking lot. I finally emerge from the dollar heaven and am about to get in the car when a man attempts to engage me in conversation, I am not interested, I am pretty desperate but not that desperate. In any event I start my car and what has become my trademark a police car blocks me in, the banger woman in the huge truck with educator tags (keep in my our educational ranking) has called the police on me. Nothing happens, but the police wants to confirm if there is damage to my vehicle and says since my car seems sort of old no one could tell anyway and leaves. In my mind a wonder if this is a cell phone police call or a 911.

Further on through the day. We have muslims who live in our neighborhood and we have had various types of muslims in our neighborhood for years. I have worked with and attended school with muslims and have always been impressed with their studiousness and their work ethic up to the point of the moving in of the black robes. The new muslims are clothed in black, don’t attend any school, they say they are homed school but play outside all day. When they first moved in I assumed they were Iranian because the mother had pale white skin and the children ran the gauntlet in paleness. I would soon discover that they were not native muslims but were an interracial couple the mother was a white woman form New York and the father was a black man from Detroit. I discovered this during the Bobby Cutts search for his lovers body after informing the mother to please keep her cat off of our property because he had scratched a hole in the screen door and because of this we could not open our door. She preceded to go into the Bobby Cutts ordeal and say DAMn he’s fine several times and say he’s going up the river for killing a white woman/ She then told me her history and explained to me her religion. One tenet of the religion which horrifies me is that they believe girls can get married when they get their periods, this horrifies me and everytime my child’s bus is a little late which it has been at least three times this year because my child’s bus has been in three bus accidents this year. My thoughts go to this conversation and I am afraid that the man across the street with his family clothed in black robes has kidnapped my daughter who is the spitting image of Hallie Berry. I have had nightmares of black roped people peaking in the house and I wake up screaming. In any event back to yesterday. When I arrived home I learned that an adult family member had had words with the male muslim because his children had been throwing their ball into the yard and hitting the parked car, this was in line with what I had experienced before leaving home as another Muslim child had been riding an office chair down the hill and hitting my car with the office chair with her body in it. I also learn that they had words about the abandoned house across the street. The conversation went into why are you playing in the yard of an empty house and not your yard. Are you not aware that this is not done by normal people? As I exit the car I see an adult woman and children have taken over the yard and our playing dodge ball in it. This person I realize is the mother of the child that I’ve just taken to the store with my daughter. The girls run to the yard I tell my daughter, you don’t play in the yard of an empty house this is trespassing. She comes home and her friend leaves with her and they continue to play happily for hours but the folks never leave the yard. Finally the man emerges from the house and starts to talk to the family of my daughter’s playmate. As time goes on suddenly they have covered their heads and their street clothes with a hood and a covering. I continue to watch and finally I have to call out to the mother who has daughters ages seven, twelve and fifteen, that she does realize that they will try to marry her daughter odd at twelve and as soon as they get their periods. I holler that this man’s wife gave me this information. They ignore me. As dusk approaches they still have not left the yard and my son precedes to ask me if the people across the street are going to kill us, he goes through the house locking every window and saying that he has no plans of sleeping because he does not want them to break into the house and hurt us, He reflects that he attends school with muslims and they are very quiet and smart and does not understand why these particular muslims act this way. Finally I get enough and call the police, I explicitly tell the police that I do not want to talk to the police and I do not want my name revealed this is anonymous, though they still ask for my name. Finally the police do arrive, by this time the man is sitting down and the black robed woman have formed a semi circle around him. The police talk with him, and they knock on our door and ask for my name my family is unaware that I have called so they tell the police no one has called from this house. In any event the police refuse to run them away from this empty house and my son overhears them say that unless the owner calls that they can do anything they want to do in the yard, which I know for a fact included in the past the mans young son throwing a ball at the garage window of the empty house and breaking it, which I have observed in this particular day that I called, children throwing balls on the roof of the house. 911 leaves and they stay in front of the empty house. 911 IS AN EXTREME JOKE IN MY TOWN!


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