One Number That Will Ring All Your Phones – New York Times

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One Number That Will Ring All Your Phones – New York Times

I think I’ve blooged about this service before but I wanted to find it again so I had to look up this article and I decided to link to it again. Here is a direct quote from the article:

“But first, count your blessings. Millions of people have more than one phone number these days — home, work, cellular, hotel room, vacation home, yacht — and with great complexity comes great hassle. You have to check multiple answering machines. You miss calls when people try to reach you on your cell when you’re at home (or the other way around). You send around e-mail messages at work that say, “On Thursday from 5 to 8:30, I’ll be on my cell; for the rest of the weekend, call me at home.”
And when you switch your job, cellphone carrier or home city, you have to notify everyone you know that you have new phone numbers.
A new service called GrandCentral, now in its final weeks of public beta testing, solves all of these problems. It’s a rather brilliant melding of cellphone and the Internet.”

This service is out of Beta and is now owned by Google but it’s a very worth while service.


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