Obama and the Pasport Flap "Stop Whining about Everything" Is this what we are going to have to hear about for the rest of the Campaign?

In Uncategorized on March 22, 2008 at 8:16 pm

Two Fired for Viewing Obama Passport File –

The Obama flaps are beginning to boil down to oh he broke a nail. Let’s report on it and Obama will accept the press coverage the Obama steam up over his passport is just totally ridiculous; and even know when it’s been revealed that all of the candidates had their files breached Obama and his supporters are still hollering. The honest truth is if this continues I will have to stop loking at the news for the rest of the election and if he wins the nomination and then the presidency, it may be a whole four to eight years without news.

As for the passport flap, I can’t believe that Obama, the nice guy that he is, can’t say I understand that their was a mistake and someone was nosy, but let’s move on, and if necessary agitate behind the scenes. If we had a press conference for when someones files were breached by the bank, at the state department, by social security, homeland security, the FBI, the NSA, I think everyone get’s the picture we would not have the news we would have press conferences. Enough already, Obama stop whining!


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