More Whining from the Obama Campaign Accuses Bill Clinton of McCarthism

In barack obama, Democratic Primary, democrats, Hillary Clinton, presidential primary on March 22, 2008 at 8:45 pm U.S.

Bill Clinton made the statement something to the effect of it would be nice if Hillary Clinton could run against John Mcain, two individuals who love this country and are devoted to it After hearing this, a former Air Force General raised his voice and called Clinton a Mccarthiest. Excuse me but wasn’t Bill Clinton campaigning for his wife at a campaign stop. Obama will not even say that he will even consider Hillary Clinton as Vice President to his Presidency. The Obama campaign has said so many negative things about Hillary Clinton. They have even released pictures of Bill Clinton shaking hands with various persons when anyone knows that if you contribute the maximum to a political campaign and attend a fundraiser you get a picture with the candidate.

Furthermore though Bill Clinton was a former president. I am pretty sure he is carrying no clout to influence investigations over Obama. This is a a Republican White House and Hillary Clinton lets everyone know at every chance she gets that their is no love loss between she and the republicans. So basically what I’m saying is Clinton does not even possess the power to lead that type of investigation the good General is referring to. As for Jerimiah Wright the media did not dig the sermons up they are sold in the book store. This is not Mcartheyism. When David Duke ws revealed as a racist so long ago he did not blame it on Mccarthy he knew he was the member of a white supremacist organization and dealt with the consequences unfortunately Obama blamed white people for why Jerimiah Wright said that 911 was Chicken coming home to Roost and if anyone wants to know the rest of the phrase as stated by Malcom X Goes Chickens Coming Home to Roost Never Make me Sad they make me glad so you add this to what Wright says and he essentially was saying he was happy that 911 happened and because the media reveals this it’s called Mcartheyism; and I know that the initial subject was Clinton but only stupidy stoop would get upset because a man who is campaigning for his wife says that she would make a good candidate for President.


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