Barack Obama’s Comments to a Philidaelphia Radio Stations are just "Tragic"

In Uncategorized on March 22, 2008 at 9:11 pm

Barack Obama tries to explain that ‘good people’ still hold racial stereotypes

If Obama threw his Grandmother underneath the bus on one day last week. He threw African Americans underneath the bus the next day. At Obama’s ground breaking race speech he stated essntially that his Grndmother was afraid of Black Men and used racial slurs to refer to black people. As an African American woman, I think if a white man married my daughter got her pregnant and left her to raise a child alone and moved back to his foreign country and probably never paid child support. I would have some very racialized words for white men myself, and my grandchild would probably hear him referred to in some very racialized words. I understand this and I think in what we thought we had moved into prior to Obama’s speech and radio comments, our post racialized society understands this too.

If the comments about Grandma were disturbing, the next day our ears were treated to something to the effect that the typical white person is afraid of a black man walking down the street. I have news for Mr. Obama, the typical person is scared of any man walking down the street not dressed in a three piece suit or in the least business casual, this is the society we live in. I remember once while living in San Francisco as I rode the city bus there were a group of drunk white guy’s who if I could gauge their conversation correctly had just graduated from college, but guess what I was afraid of them and could not wait to get off the bus because they were drunk and disorderly. I just remembered a big example, I once went to a cafe in Atlanta and I was casually dressed, just not in jeans and I and the person that I was with were set to pass by a group of men standing in the middle of the side street, dressed in jeans and hooded sweats and they had their hoods on and I thought they were going to mug me. When I passed by them I was a little shocked to hear them speaking French which made me think that maybe I had been unfair and to this day a feel a lot guilty for it. Now that I am writing this it occurs to me that maybe, they thought that since Georgia was in the South they were a little shocked to discover that Georgia would be so cold in December.

Finally with Mr. Obama’s choices of who he chooses to worship and listen to every Sunday Morning. It is indicative to me that Mr. Obama hoenstly does not have the breadth and the depth to discuss race in America. I think the Current President Bush with his multiracial cabinet seems much more qualified to lead the United States on race than Mr. Obama. Furthermore the comments of Claire McCaskill which were, “He, for the first time, I think, as a black leader in America, has come to the American people not as a victim, but rather as a leader”. Claire did you not hear the speech of Jerimiah Wright? Claire I just did not realize that what you wanted to hear from black leaders was that White people are afriad of Black men. Well if you and Obama feel this way, I suppose if he’s elected we might have some laws seperating black people from each other. Hey Claire and Barack let’s go back to seperate water fountains so that white folks won’t feel uncomfortable anymore.


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