EATG :: AIDS is bio-terrorism created to kill billions some doctors and scientists say

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EATG :: AIDS is bio-terrorism created to kill billions some doctors and scientists say

  1. I appreciated your comment at the Wash. Post board, about how you regreted that a black man, raised by white people whose first immersion with the black community came in Chicago was now defining the black community on behalf of all African Americans.

    I appreciated your thoughtfulness and honesty.

    I wince when I see this post though. It doesn’t represent mainstream, peer-reviewed AIDS/HIV research. It reminds me a bit of some countries with very high HIV infection rates advocate eating certain foods to avoid getting HIV. Agh!

    Here’s another perspective on high HIV infection rates in the black community (only one of many, and I’m not blaming it on gay people)

    It’s also frustrating to hear people discuss AIDS as a U.S. plot to destroy the black community. That’s an understandable reaction given the U.S.’s despicable behavior with the Tuskagee airmen.

    However, I cringe because the people I see advocating that are often members (sometimes of a religous) of a community that scorns homosexuals with an alarming level of intolerance. This is important, because the epidmelogical history of AIDS needs to be considered.

    AIDS ravaged the gay community in the late 70’s up til 1996. Gay men still have very high rates of infection, in part because of sexual practices that have a high rate of infection, and risky sexual behavior (no condoms, multiple partners, etc.)

    As a San Franciscan, let me tell you. There is a huge problem of black gay men living on the DL. They don’t feel they can come out without heaping shame on their family, many fear they’ll be turned out of their communities. I’ve met men who have been cast out. So there’s great incentive to deny to themselves, or at least the rest of the world that they’re gay.

    So they go home and infect their partners, who don’t know they’re at risk, don’t get tested (until it’s too late), and put their future children at risk for infection during the birthing process (which is totally unncessary with modern meds!)

    See my frustration? This is only one angle to the complex problem that is AIDS. There are so many others, it’s like a kaliedascope if you really look into it.

    My concern with people blaming governments is that they fail to take personal responsibility for their own actions, or help their neighbors or peers act responsibly.

    AIDS/HIV is preventable. We’ve seen major reductions infections in South Africa with aggressive education.

    Use a condom people!

    And be tolerant of others.

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