Barack Obama’s Speech on Racial Reconciliation

In AIDS, AIDS and the London Times, barack obama, Democratic Primary on March 19, 2008 at 12:08 am

I think one of the best things about the speech by Barack Obama was that he was honest enough not to distance himself from Jeremiah Wright. One of the reasons that individuals continue to support him is because on some things he continues to stand on principle. For me personally I think that Barack Obama allowed himself to get too close to Jeremiah Wright. To understand the relationship between Barack Obama and Wright I suppose as Barack Obama stated you have to understand the relationship between Obama and his Grandparents and his mother to some extent. Obama extended to us us a window into the racialized environment he grew up in which revealed to us that for him at times words were literally just words. His Grandparents probably used regularly the N word, and at some point probably forgot that Obama was the color black and thought of him as their Grandson “theirs” . I suppose in the manner that some single parents attack the other parent at times, the white relatives of Obama attacked his racial heritage in this manner.

For us to understand Jeriamiah Wright we must understand that in joining Wright’s Church and becoming a follower Wright became something to Obama that he never had. Wright became a father figure, Wright became a father to the young Obama and judging by his words today, Obama embraced him in such a way as a family member and just as if you can’t get rid of your family member’s Obama refuses to abandon Wright. For me this seems a little or a lot cult like and brings into question for me whether Obama is actually truly aware of the horror of some of Wrights comment’s. As an African American I have to admit that I did not find anything Wright said objectionable, maybe fallacious as it regarded Hillary Clinton and her heritage, Hillary Clinton has information on her website about her mother and how her mother was abandoned at an early age and had to ride the bus to California by herself at a very young age to stay with relatives ; this does not fit the stereotype of how she was portrayed by Jeremiah Wright. However initially I did not find a problem with much of what Wright said, as an African American I do believe that AIDS was invented in a lab to get rid of the black community and homosexuals in the United States. The London Times even did an article years ago stating that where the World Health Organization had distributed vaccines, their suddenly emerged an AIDS epidemic. You can link to the article at the following hyperlink:

Furthermore, there is an African ruler in sub-saharan Africa who refused to allow medical care to be given to his population by Westerners, the last time I read about it, his population had not been ravaged by AIDS. What Wright said is not far fetched. Personally I would like to hear more of what he has to say I might learn something; like when a woman named FIFI walked up to me in the grocery store as a held my new born daughter in my arms and said don’t you give that baby any shots. they are causing autism and she explained to me how both of her sons had gotten autism after receiving shots. A Court case has just been settled where the judge believed that certain required immunizations caused a child to develop severe autism. In addition I had a friend from Chicago who knew not to give her children shots, she also knew when it was OK to give them again.

I say all of this to say that in the New World Order, in the scheme of things Obama’s following of Jeremiah Wright could save us all. I will relate to you an Atlanta story several years ago a white family had a family member who was given infected tissue during some sort of transplant which resulted in some sort of illness or maybe even death. This white family kept going to the white hospital and they kept insisting that this family was crazy and that they had done nothing wrong. Eventually this family ended up at Morehouse School of medicine a medical school that was created because blacks could not attend regular medical schools because of their race. In any event after tests were given, it was revealed that this family had been given infected tissue and that they were not the only ones but the lab the tissue came from had spread the tissue all over the country.

All of this is said to say that in the world we live in, the Jeremiah Wrights may be able to protect us all because lately the conspiracies and the attacks have not been race based but seem to not have a pattern they can affect any of us regardless of race, creed, gender or orientation. For me Obama gave a convincing speech as well as a great speech. If any one ever had a doubt as to whether he was qualified to be president. I think that this speech revealed that he is indeed qualified.


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