Phony black friends ditch Clinton

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Phony black friends ditch Clinton

This article discusses Clinton’s phony black friends who move towards electing Clinton for Obama. Everyone would agree that most blacks want a black president. Clinton should want one too. The fact is that she has been in the white house and Clinton has essentially moved on to Hispanics. Even though I am a Clinton supporter I can not help but saying that Hillary Clinton may feel that she is the best person for the white house and I think with what’s happening now with the economy and her bright bright grasp of the issues she is what we need now. This country is about to go into a depression and hit rock bottom. Hillary is what we need. However I have to say this, Hillary does appear to be a little greedy, first lady and president. If she does not win I hope she moves on to an Al Gore role, Al Gore has superseded the presidency. He is now a global player not tied down by the chains of the presidency which in this economy is really not something that anyone should want. We are about to hit a depression not just because of domestic mismanagement but because of global forces that are coming into play.

Entering a personal tangent+++++++++++++As a young political science student many years ago, I remember taking a course on the EU Community and I think the over riding message and predictions of the books that I read which were by Krugman, Reich and one more author who’s name escapes me was that our world was moving towards internationalism, I believe Reich discussed concentrations of skill workers moreso than internationalization, but one of the two other authors discussed a borderless society where the rich of all countries and societies were on par, and the poor of all countries and societies were on par. The argument went there will be no more third world countries but third world classes. As I look at all that’s happening the market fall out, the falling stocks, the foreclosures. I know that the America we once knew, the land of opportunity seems to be shutting down. There is opportunity out there but it’s global. Whoever loses the race should weigh their options and probably thank God that it was not them who was chosen to be President. I do realize the Clinton’s can work miracles and have but this is a challenge that I am a little skeptical that even they could solve. ++++++Off Tangent back to the subject

Then again the blacks who ardently support Obama are going to have a huge surprise if Barack Obama is elected. I serioulsy believe that as I said earlier Obama is not the dreamer his mother attempted to create but some srange weird hybrid. Iy is my truth and my belief that he will not be the black mans’ best friend. I predict in an attempt to look racially unbiased. There will be far less black appointees then Clinton or Bush. I predict Obama will abandon his black brethren once in office.

One thing that I have followed closely is Mrs. Obama’s speech patterns and dress. When Mrs. Obama was trying to get the votes of the common man “black man” she was a walking fashion disaster, she even pretended that she could not speak standard English, but once the nomination was locked up she totally changed her persona and I did get a glimpse ofher at one rally where she did not come on the stage and how she looks now is how she looked then. I know that people change their appearance but not to such extremes. Mrs. Obama has geonfrom looking down and out to high fashion. I predict that Obama if elected will betray the blacks who so ardently gave him their votes, then again by looking at his spiritual mentor maybe not.

Finally I would like to say if a little nastily black men will not even be loyal to their children, and many times they are encouraged to abandon their children by the women they are with. This is why Obama is for third term abortion. How can Hillary expect loyalty here. I was not that type of woman, when I did have a relationship with a man who I found out had a child the most disgusting part for me was not that he had a child but that he was not taking care of it and he did start paying as well as visiting his child. I felt this way because you can not control what happens in someones past so you can still accept the person but when that behavior is totally immoral, one wonders how you could stand to breathe the same air is this person. To repeat, black people abandon their children and it is condoned by black men and women. If they abandon their children how can Hillary Clinton expect loyalty to her.


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